Soap Spoilers 24th – 28th July 2017

Written by ClareWithTheHair

Here is all you need to know about what is coming up this week in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks.

Soap Spoilers 24th – 28th July 2017

Monday 24th:

Emmerdale – Frank raises a toast to Megan, but Charity spots Megan flinching at his affection. Charity doesn’t waste much time before confronting Megan over what she’s seen, but is she right about Megan’s secret plans for revenge? Meanwhile, Priya takes a pregnancy test in the toilets at the pub and Layla discovers it. Elsewhere, Rhona is nervous ahead of Pierce’s trial starting.

Coronation Street – As Toyah admires her name over The Rovers’ door, she rubs her tummy and tells Peter that she’s got a good feeling about the pregnancy test tomorrow. As an upbeat Peter and Toyah enjoy their first shift as landlord and landlady, Leanne calls in with Simon and Oliver and explains that they have nowhere to live, as Nick has sold her flat and the new tenants are moving in today. Meanwhile, Robert worries about how Chesney’s stabbing will affect business. Michelle also feels guilty when she overhears Sinead asking Aidan for an advance on her wages. She calls at Number 5 with a card and Chesney is taken aback to find that she has put £200 inside. Gemma reckons it’s an insult and he should sue for thousands. Later in the Bistro, Daniel approaches Cindy – the editor of the Gazette – and persuades her to read an article he’s written about Chesney’s stabbing. Robert is furious, pointing out the less people know the better, but Daniel assures him the article isn’t for publication. Having overheard their exchange, Gemma is intrigued. Elsewhere, Todd and Billy move into the flower shop flat. Summer calls at the solicitor’s office for a meeting with Todd. As Todd quizzes her about her new living arrangements, they’re startled by the arrival of Billy. Also, having ripped open a letter from the Mr & Mrs competition organisers, Mary is horrified to see they require a selection of husband and wife photos and enlists the help of Bethany and Craig.

Gemma summons Adam and explains how the guy who stabbed Chesney is a mate of Robert’s. Against Sinead’s better judgement, Chesney agrees to sue. Adam calls at the Bistro and reveals to Robert how Michelle gave Chesney £200, which suggests they accept some blame for his injuries and he’s now looking for a substantial out of court settlement. Robert is seething. Later, Cindy approaches Daniel and tells him how much she liked his article about Chesney’s stabbing. Explaining that his boss wouldn’t like it, Daniel forbids her from publishing it. Meanwhile, Todd admits to Summer that she doesn’t have a case and he only went along with it as he wanted to keep tabs on her. When Billy suggests he’ll call her grandparents, Summer begs him not to. Billy and Todd take Summer back to their new flat where she tells them how strict her grandparents are. Billy and Todd wish they could help her. Elsewhere, Toyah is taken aback when Peter reveals that he’s offered Leanne, Simon and Oliver a roof over their heads. Peter is also on a high after such a successful opening party. Also, as Craig takes husband and wife photos of Norris and Mary, Bethany gets a call from the police, confirming that Nathan and Neil’s trial will go ahead. Scared at the thought of giving evidence, Bethany breaks down in Craig’s arms. Finally, Gina flogs Fiz a china figurine for £40, making out it’s a valuable antique. Will Fiz’s find make her the envy of her antiques class?

Eastenders – In the aftermath of last week’s shocking events, one Walford resident realises their life may never be the same. Another is determined to get revenge… Meanwhile, Lauren makes two attempts to convince Steven to tell Ian and Jane about his “illness”, but he refuses to do so. However, he does have another shock for Lauren by revealing that he wants to adopt Louie. Elsewhere, more trouble could be brewing when Max finds what he’s been looking for in Carmel’s files.

Hollyoaks – Darren plans a holiday with Nancy and the kids, but he later bumps into his old friend Luke, who isn’t as loyal as he remembers. Meanwhile, Grace heads to the folly to meet the person who has been texting Warren about their affair. Nobody turns up, but she finds a set of keys with a bull’s head keyring. Later on, clues point to Joel being Warren’s blackmailer. Elsewhere, Tom and Alfie prepare for Ibiza, but before they go, Alfie tries to help Prince and Lily’s relationship. Also today, Mac refuses to let Neeta go to Ibiza with Ellie, so Sally gets revenge and buys her and Neeta a flight to Ibiza instead. Hunter and Prince both work their magic for some extra money and both buy a flight to Ibiza too.


Tuesday 25th:

Emmerdale – Hour-long episode, Rhona is relieved to learn that her sex tape won’t be used as evidence at Pierce’s rape trial after all, but she still struggles with the line of questioning. Rhona breaks down under the pressure of the situation, while Pierce expertly portrays the role of a falsely accused victim. When the first day of the trial ends, Rhona feels defeated. Meanwhile, Robert is feeling sorry for himself and gets drunk at the pub. As a result, Victoria has to take him home. Later, Robert falls down the stairs at home, but Rebecca takes pity on him and gets him to hospital. Elsewhere, Lachlan is uneasy.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Phil is finally back home on the Square, but why has he returned now? Meanwhile, Lauren doesn’t seem keen on the idea of Steven adopting Louie and reminds him that Peter would need to be involved in such a big decision. Later on, Steven decides to consult a solicitor about applying for parental responsibility of Louie. He also has another surprise up his sleeve by proposing to Lauren at the pub! Elsewhere, Mr Pryce checks on the Fowlers after the school prom incident. Also today, Fi warns Mick that Shirley is scaring away customers at The Vic, while the joint holiday is in jeopardy as Vincent’s friend has now sold the property.

Hollyoaks – Darren gets Luke’s details from Damon. When Darren discovers that Luke is having money struggles due to his wife’s alcoholism, he offers him a job. Meanwhile, Grace accidentally tells Joel about her and Warren’s affair. Elsewhere, everyone arrives in Ibiza. Ellie gets excited when newcomer Brody emerges from the sea, but later on, Hunter gets jealous of his closeness with Neeta. Prince gets a drunken tattoo but when he returns to show everybody, they soon notice something odd.


Wednesday 26th:

Emmerdale – It’s Vanessa’s turn to give evidence in court, but she’s nervous about the situation and ends up telling lies. When Vanessa’s dishonesty gets called up, Pierce feels more smug than ever and Rhona is terrified that she’s going to lose the case. Meanwhile, it’s Lachlan’s birthday and he’s planning to sleep with Belle tonight. Unfortunately, Gerry has a nasty surprise for Lachlan by spiking his drink with a laxative.

Coronation Street – Robert is worried as table after table cancel their Bistro bookings. Daniel shows Robert the article in the Gazette. Robert is furious, but Daniel assures him it wasn’t his doing. When Chesney admits that he feels vulnerable since the stabbing, Adam does his best to convince him that he deserves proper compensation. Adam calls in the bistro and tells Robert that Chesney will settle for £10,000. Robert’s seething and ends up storming off after a row with Michelle. Alone in the Bistro, Michelle tackles some paperwork. Upon hearing noises, she goes to investigate. Michelle is horrified to discover someone has written ‘RIP’ in spray paint on the wall. Meanwhile, when Peter reminds Toyah that today’s the day to do the pregnancy test, she is evasive. What is it she fears? Elsewhere, Billy and Todd pay Drew’s parents a visit and beg them to do what’s best for Summer, but Geraldine makes homophobic and spiteful remarks. She’s furious when Angus reveals a legal document stating that Drew intended Billy to have guardianship of Summer. Angus tells Summer that she must choose between them. What will Summer decide? Also today, Eileen calls in the medical centre to find a subdued Liz on reception. Liz explains how Moira’s making her life a misery.

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks – Warren tells Grace that he is still in love with Sienna. Later, Grace turns up to tell Sienna all about the affair. Meanwhile, Neeta apologises to Hunter, but when Alfie and Tom tease him, he runs off whilst Ellie flirts with Brody. Elsewhere, Prince returns to Hollyoaks and he and Lily decide they want to be together, despite his dodgy tattoo. Diane catches them about to sleep together and throws Prince out, but Lily wants to pick up where they left off tomorrow. Also today, Luke covers for Darren when Nancy questions his whereabouts, so Darren gives him his wages early.


Thursday 27th:

Emmerdale – Rhona takes control by confronting Pierce in private and threatening him, admitting that she’s prepared to lie to get him sent down. Pierce finally seems to acknowledge his crime as they talk between themselves, but will he be so honest in the courtroom? Meanwhile, Lachlan is furious that Gerry ruined his night with Belle by spiking his drink with a laxative. When Lachlan sees Gerry trying to kiss Belle himself, will he take revenge? Elsewhere, Cain considers taking action.

Rhona is left in shock as Pierce’s trial takes more twists and turns. Pierce looks nauseous as he takes to the stand, but did Rhona’s warnings get through to him?Meanwhile, Harriet is less than impressed. Elsewhere, Lawrence masks his concern.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Max finds a way to make things worse for Lauren, but she’s oblivious to what he’s up to. Meanwhile, Carmel receives divorce papers from Umar. Later on, Max urges Carmel to keep their relationship a secret. Elsewhere, Dot’s stubborn side re-emerges when she refuses to accept Sonia’s help over discrepancies with her bills. Also today, Vincent makes alternative plans for the holiday, while Johnny continues to help Derek.

Hollyoaks – Lily and Prince decide to sleep together and Prince sets the scene at the McQueens’. Shane helps in getting Myra out of the house, but when Lily turns up, he makes a comment about Lily’s scar and her self-confidence hits rock bottom. Meanwhile, Ellie and Brody continue to flirt, but Holly feels uncomfortable. Elsewhere, Warren goes for lunch with Sienna and Joel, but when the bill arrives with another threatening message, he flips out. Diane clears the restaurant and he confides in her about his life. Also today, Kim is upset when she discovers Esther has filed for divorce and Tegan invites Farrah round after she thinks Kim is struggling. Later, Kim confides in Tegan that she has a crush on Farrah.

Friday 28th:

Emmerdale – Rhona is left reeling as Pierce’s verdict is revealed, but will it be guilty or not guilty?Meanwhile, Chrissie has a meeting with “Simon”. Elsewhere, Moira offers her advice.

Coronation Street – Michelle scrubs the graffiti off the wall, while Phelan fits new locks to the Bistro door. Robert returns home and apologises to Michelle, explaining how he hit the casino, got drunk, was mugged in town and then spent the night in a police cell. As Robert and Michelle approach the bistro, they’re horrified to see a youth hurling a Molotov cocktail at the door. As the door is engulfed in flames, Robert chases after the youth, leaving Michelle frightened. Meanwhile, Toyah tells Leanne that she’s got an appointment with her IVF consultant. Gail summons Leanne to Number 8 and begrudgingly hands her a cheque from Nick for £25,000 as a gift from the sale of the flat. Leanne is stunned. Showing her cheque to Peter, insists she wants to fund their IVF. Elsewhere, Tracy arrives with Amy in tow. Pointing out that they’re the same age, Tracy suggests Summer and Amy should hang out together. Before they can object, Tracy swans out and Summer is unimpressed. Also, Gina opens her post to discover a stack of unpaid bills. Oblivious to Gina’s financial worries, Sophie reminds her about the money she owes her. When Gina is awarded a bonus at work for being the most productive factory girl, Sophie congratulates her, whilst Gina shifts uncomfortably. Finally, Moira reprimands Liz for gossiping with Dr Gaddas when she should be working. Liz offers Moira some advice, but Moira is quick to put her down – telling her to stick to answering the phone. Liz fumes.

Robert returns out of breath, angry that he lost sight of their assailant. Michelle wonders if the mugging and the vandalism to the Bistro are linked. Robert and Michele report it to the police and suggest that Rich is behind all the incidents. Meanwhile, Steve calls in The Rovers and asks Peter if he’ll give Liz some shifts behind the bar, as she hates her new job. Peter reluctantly agrees, but when he suggests it to Liz she declines his offer, realising that it’s Steve’s idea. Elsewhere, Sophie corners Gina and demands the money she owes her. Gina reluctantly hands over the cash.

Eastenders – Denise realises that Max may be Carmel’s mystery man, but she denies it. Later, after a romantic evening together, Max and Carmel go off to a hotel room together and one thing leads to another between them. Meanwhile, Shirley gets upset when she overhears Mick and Fi discussing her future at The Vic, so she tells her son that she quits. Elsewhere, Kush and Shakil react to the news of Carmel’s divorce, while Ted has helped to get through to Dot.

Hollyoaks – Neeta tries to break up with Mac. Meanwhile, everyone arrives back from Ibiza. Elsewhere, Harry and Tony get a letter confirm Ste’s trial date, leading Harry to get drunk and kicked out of The Dog – again. Tony visits Ste behind Harry’s back. Elsewhere, Tegan slips up and tells Farrah about Kim’s feelings towards her. Later, Farrah kisses Kim.

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