Soap Spoilers 2nd – 5th May 2017

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Here is all you need to know about what is coming up this week in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks. Soap Spoilers 2nd – 5th May 2017


Tuesday 2nd:

Emmerdale – Harriet prepares for a night away with Cain, but Emma is hogging her attention. Later, Cain plays a prank by locking Emma in the church cupboard, Harriet intervenes and lets her out, but Harriet is amused by Cain’s bad behavior. Cain and Harriet kiss, but someone may be watching them. Meanwhile, Megan gets wound up at the custody meeting, while Jai keeps calm in front of the social worker. Elsewhere, Sarah is desperately searching for Debbie as Jack is unwell and she ventures out into the fields alone. She falls and hurts her ankle, just as Ross is trying to make a getaway after stealing cows with Charity, When Ross spots Sarah in danger, he is faced with a dilemma.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Kush feels that Denise isn’t spending enough time with him because she’s so focused on her GCSE studies and trying to find a job. He encourages her to spend the evening with him, but later changes his mind and accepts an invite from Carmel to a family meal – believing that Denise would rather revise. Later on, Denise is forced to eat a budget dinner once again as her troubles continue. Meanwhile, after clearing it with Sharon, Louise agrees that Madison and Alexandra can come over for a girls’ night on Thursday to celebrate Madison’s birthday. Louise is unaware that Madison and Alexandra are scheming again, but Bex smells a rat when she overhears the mean girls inviting Travis to a party. Knowing Louise has feelings for Travis. Elsewhere, the Beales are left feeling emotional as Jane gives Ian a surprise on his birthday. Also today, Michelle attends another job interview, while Jack admits to Max that he’s finding it difficult to get back to normal.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Oscar tells everyone that Kim is playing hide and seek upstairs. They don’t find her, but it sparks Esther’s desire to see Kim again. Later, Grace shows up and after a huge row about Kim, her and Esther fall into bed together. Kim has seen everything and swears to get rid of Grace. Meanwhile, Darren is giving Tom a driving lesson when they nearly run over Kyle. Kyle ends up in hospital after a relapse and Darren is confused when he discovers that Kyle doesn’t have a wife. Elsewhere, Scott is released without charge, but his happy mood hits rock bottom when his biological mother tells him she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Also today, Ryan tells Jules that no one can ever find out what he did to Amy. Finally, Sally books a holiday for her and Neeta to Greece, but is crushed when Neeta reveals that she’s going to India for the summer. However, Neeta cancels her holiday when smitten Sally offers her a job at summer school in a bid to keep her in Hollyoaks.


Wednesday 3rd:

Emmerdale – As ross has been caught out for his cow stealing, Moira is not happy but has promised not to go to the police on the condition that he signs over his share of the farm. Unhappy with Moira’s deal, Ross, Pete and Emma come up with a plan to steal the cows back, using Leyla as bait. Meanwhile, Laurel is concerned. Elsewhere, Josh and Jamie bully Jacob about the content in Tracy’s book.

Coronation Street – Nathan remains cold towards Bethany, determined to make her suffer. So when Mel pulls out a ring box, revealing how Nathan planned to propose to her, Bethany is mortified and is worried she’s blown everything. Bethany apologizes to Nathan for her behavior and promises Nathan that she’ll do anything for him and in return he asks her to marry him. Meanwhile, having discovered that Amy hasn’t returned to school, Steve and Ken are worried. When Steve then realizes Amy’s passport is missing, and both Tracy and Amy’s phones are found at Number 1, their fears are realized and they report them missing to the police. At the same time, Rob meets up with a mate who advises him to ditch Tracy and Amy as he’ll have a better chance of escaping the country. Rob then notices a missing persons appeal for Tracy and Amy on the TV. Elsewhere, Leanne warns Robert that Michelle is on the rebound and she wouldn’t want him to get hurt. Also today, Aidan quizzes David about his relationship with Maria, attempting to disguise his interest. When David tells Maria she’s quietly pleased, realizing Aidan must still have feelings for her.

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Grace is down after dumped by Esther again. Later, Esther realises that Kim has been in the Osbornes’. Meanwhile, Mercedes can tell that Scott isn’t himself. Her and Myra decide to initiate him into the McQueen family with hilarious consequences. Later, it’s clear this is not enough for Scott and he breaks down in heartbreaking sobs when he gets home. Elsewhere, Maxine realises that Adam hasn’t told Darcy that they’re getting married in four days and breaks the news to Darcy herself. Also today, Darren wants the truth about Kyle’s “wife” and turns up at Nancy and Kyle’s MS support meeting to confront them. Nancy later apologises to Kyle but when they start to reminisce, Kyle tries to kiss her.


Thursday 4th:

Emmerdale – Josh and Jamie are furious that Jacob has refused to steal money from the shop for them. Covered by hoods, Josh and Jamie enter the shop and demand cash from Pollard. When he stands up to the boys, they hit him in the stomach with a baseball bat as a frightened Dan watches on, unable to intervene. Meanwhile, Doug and Laurel are concerned that Arthur is avoiding school. After listening in, Lydia offers to give Arthur some bereavement counselling. Mid-way through the first session, Lydia gets a shock. Elsewhere, Charity feels rejected.

Dan calls an ambulance for Pollard, but is ashamed by his failure to step in. Pollard receives medical attention, but will he be okay?… Meanwhile Ross is left reeling. Elsewhere, Arthur despairs as he searches for his hamster Rattles, Laurel is at a loss when he worries that it will die like Ashley did.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Louise looks forward to her quiet evening with Madison and Alexandra, but she’s shocked when lots of people turn up thanks to the pair’s secret scheming. Meanwhile, Kush isn’t happy when Denise chooses revision over him again, Denise’s financial situation is getting worse and worse by the day. Elsewhere, Sharon spends the evening with Michelle. Also today, Max shares his concerns about Jack with Dot.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Esther realises that Kim is going after Grace when she finds Kim’s lair in the attic. Meanwhile, Darcy is quietly devastated about Adam and Maxine’s impending nuptials and uses Toby to sabotage their plans. Elsewhere, Lisa wants to stop Louis and Simone’s plans and hopes she’s changed her mum’s mind when she suggests that she could run for local councillor. Also today, Nancy tells Darren what happened between her and Kyle but is surprised by his reaction. Later, Darren steals a packet of marijuana from Kyle’s car and promises Nancy to give her a brighter future.


Friday 5th:

Emmerdale – Dan is feeling uneasy after Eric’s attack. Meanwhile, Laurel continues to try and comfort Arthur. Elsewhere, Noah encourages Samson to extract money from a gullible Sam, leaving Samson feeling guilty when his dad realises what is going on. Also today, a vengeful Emma does not react well to Moira.

Coronation Street – Hurt by his recent lack of interest, Eva tells Aidan that she won’t be accompanying him to his business lunch. Overhearing, David suggests Aidan takes Maria instead. Maria is horrified, until David quietly points out she can have some fun at Aidan’s expense. At the lunch, Maria masquerades as Eva, telling hilarious stories about Aidan. Aidan is fuming and orders her to leave. Meanwhile, explaining to Tracy how her face is all over the news, Rob implores her to take Amy home – leaving him to go it alone. Fed up with being cooped up in the cottage, Amy sneaks out for a walk and phones Steve from a local phone box. but will he be able to find her? Amy returns to the cottage to find Rob. Elsewhere, Sarah is at her wit’s end worrying about Bethany. Sarah calls into the salon and tells Bethany that while she doesn’t approve of her relationship, she will always support her. With Sarah gone, Neil arrives with his mate Ian.

As Maria walks home, Aidan pulls up and insists on giving her a lift back to the street, aware of her tag curfew. Having arrived back home in the nick of time, Aidan and Maria are riding high on adrenalin. Meanwhile, when Amy admits that she phoned Steve and told him where they are staying, Rob freaks out, realising the police will be on their way. As they bundle their things into the car, will they make their escape before the police arrive? Elsewhere, when Neil suggests Nathan should throw another party and invite Ian, Bethany struggles to mask her unease. Also, Zeedan cooks up some new sample snacks for the bistro, hoping to get promoted. Finally, sporting his new police uniform, Craig waits in the Rovers for his tutor constable.

Eastenders – Denise’s need for money leads her to asking Kim to pay back a small loan she gave her last year. Denise also pulls out of the holiday she had planned with Kim. Kim is concerned about Denise and speaks to Kush, who tries to get to the bottom of the situation after cooking dinner for Denise. The conversation becomes heated. Meanwhile, Michelle ignores a number calling her from America, but later spreads the news that Tim wants a divorce. Elsewhere, Max checks in on Jack.

Hollyoaks (first look) – No spoilers yet.

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