Soap Spoilers 3rd – 7th July 2017

Written by ClareWithTheHair

Here is all you need to know about what is coming up this week in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks. Soap Spoilers 3rd – 7th July 2017

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Monday 3rd:

Emmerdale – Emma tries to give Arthur a cover story about what she was really doing on the video with Ashley. However, she soon realises that she needs to destroy the footage to be on the safe side. Later, while on a walk with Laurel, Emma pretends to be injured and returns to Mulberry so that she can find the video. Emma misses her chance when Laurel returns and is taken aback by her behaviour, leaving Emma worried that she’s made her suspicious. Meanwhile, a fearful Rhona tells Paddy and Vanessa that she plans to drop the charges against Pierce after discovering who was responsible for the recent break-ins. Later, Rhona visits Pierce to tell him the news, but his smug attitude and jovial behaviour around his colleagues is enough to make her quickly change her mind again.

Coronation Street – After a heart-to-heart, Chesney and Sinead agree to give their relationship another chance. Chesney also decides to go and see Daniel at the Bistro to lay their differences to rest. At the same time, the restaurant is in chaos as a clearly-wired Rich is demanding Robert launder his drugs money or he will reveal Robert’s past to Michelle. Rich grabs a broken bottle as Chesney enters the Bistro. Rich swings the bottle, slashing Chesney, who collapses to the ground clutching his stab wound. Meanwhile, Eileen is put out to find Phelan perusing some old love letters. With her curiosity getting the better of her, Eileen has a furtive glance through Phelan’s love letters and is upset at what she finds. Eileen confides in Steve that she’s upset having read Phelan’s old love letters to a previous girlfriend. Steve advises her to let sleeping dogs lie. Elsewhere, Adam returns from London and announces he’s renting Number 10 Victoria Street as his new business premises. Adam corners Aidan and having revealed that he took the photo of his illicit kiss with Maria, demands £5,000 to secure his silence. Aidan tells Eva that he’s booked her an appointment at the doctors so they can arrange her first scan. Also, Todd puts pressure on Billy to ignore Drew’s parents and attend the funeral for Summer’s sake. Finally, when a parcel arrives at Number 4 for Gina, Rosie unwraps it and is bemused to see that it’s a commemorative plate costing over £80. Sally is furious to realise Gina’s wasted the money she lent her for her electricity bill on a plate.

Rich drops the bottle and does a runner. Daniel tends to Chesney’s wound and does his best to stem the flow of blood. While they wait for the ambulance, Daniel talks to Chesney, desperate to try and keep him conscious. Having found out from Robert about Chesney’s injuries, Sinead rushes to the Bistro. When she sees a blood-soaked Daniel cradling Chesney, Sinead assumes Daniel must have attacked him. Daniel is hurt that she could think such a thing. When the paramedics finally arrive, Chesney is loaded into an ambulance. Robert admits to Michelle that Rich wants him to launder money. Meanwhile, Aidan accompanies Eva to her doctor’s appointment. Aidan calls in the salon and warns Maria that Adam took the incriminating photo. He then lies to Maria, telling her that Eva is very ill which is why he hasn’t been able to dump her. Maria is unimpressed. Eva rants at Leanne, telling her how she intends to have her revenge on Aidan. Elsewhere, Eileen meets up with Nicola. Showing her a photo of her mother and Phelan in happier times, she tries to persuade her to give Phelan a chance. Upset to think her mother cheated on the man she thought was her dad, Nicola tells Eileen if she sees either of them again, she’ll call the police. Also, Gina plays Sally and Sophie off against each other over the money she has borrowed from each of them. Finally, Adam calls in the florists and secretly steals some paperwork. On the phone to the estate agent, Adam lies by telling them that Tracy has agreed to be his guarantor. He also copies her signature from the stolen paperwork.

Eastenders – Karen searches for a job but has no luck at The Vic or at Beale’s restaurant. However, things take a turn when Karen strikes up an unexpected connection with Jane and gets herself a job at Beale’s after all. Later on, Karen is shocked to discover what Bernadette has been hiding from her.Meanwhile, Abi is disappointed that Steven is giving her the cold shoulder despite what happened between them. When she discovers that he is secretly tracking Lauren’s movements, she inadvertently gives him another clever idea – he could buy a phone charger that is also a camera. Elsewhere, Robbie is left homeless when he’s told that he can’t move in with Dot. Also today, Ricky and Amy are unimpressed when Ingrid the nanny has her first day, while Fi makes her mark at The Vic by deciding to bring in craft ale.

Hollyoaks – Goldie panics when she finds out that Hunter and Simone have gone to the police station to tell the truth about Prince. When she catches up with them, she manages to convince Simon to let her take the fall. Meanwhile, Jesse takes Grace for a viewing at a potential new club, but she’s furious when she finds out Warren has put a bid in too. Elsewhere, Milo helps Cindy to fake a robbery at The Emporium for the sympathy vote in the election, but she’s left embarrassed when she’s found out for faking it.




Tuesday 4th:

Emmerdale – Hour-long episode. Emma is frustrated that she hasn’t managed to get her hands on the video and destroy it forever. After praying for God’s help, Emma gets an idea of how to manipulate Arthur and begins to set her trap. Meanwhile, Tracy overhears an incriminating conversation between Frank and Charity which reveals their affair and she’s saddened to realise that her dad hasn’t changed after all. Elsewhere, Bernice’s counselling session with Kerry and Dan doesn’t go to plan. Also today, Rhona confesses her fears.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Reality hits home for Karen. Meanwhile, Sonia and Martin continue to clash over Bex’s living situation. Sonia also tries to convince Dot to change her mind over Robbie and Bex moving in. When Sonia finally accepts that Bex should be able to make her own decision over where to live, can any solution be reached? Elsewhere, Sonia also reconnects with Tina. Also today, Louise has to pull out of the showcase at the school as a result of what happened with Keegan. Alexandra is quick to take advantage of the situation by taking Louise’s place, giving her a chance to get closer to Travis. Finally, Tracey has a chance to get her job back when she’s interviewed at The Vic, while Steven puts his next plan into action by secretly switching Lauren’s phone charger.

Hollyoaks – Warren is spooked when Myra mentions Bart. Soon afterwards, Grace sabotages Warren’s bid for the new club. They sleep together again and Grace realises that she doesn’t want a new club, she just wants The Loft. She sets up a camera to film her and Warren together. Meanwhile, Myra is furious to hear that Goldie is considering going on the run and orders her to go to court instead. Elsewhere, Cindy and Simone go head-to-head at the charity Walkathon.



Wednesday 5th:

Emmerdale – Frank is delighted when Megan suggests a family meal in the pub, but Tracy doesn’t feel comfortable now that she knows her father slept with Charity. Tracy confronts Frank about his actions before the meal, but once it all begins, will she be able to keep quiet? Meanwhile, Lawrence turns up at Tim’s house with a thuggish associate. Elsewhere, Emma continues to manipulate Arthur.

Coronation Street – Michelle is shocked by what Robert tells her about his past. Michelle hugs Robert as he fights back the tears. Later, as Robert surveys the police tape surrounding the Bistro, he laments to Leanne that he’s only been the sole owner for 24 hours. Leanne is gutted to realise Nick has sold his share and clearly has no intention of coming back. Robert calls Rich and tells him he’s prepared to do one deal for him. Meanwhile, making out he’s got to work late, Aidan presents Eva with a voucher for a spa and suggests she takes the day off and treats one of her friends. Eva masks her anger. Eva then calls in the salon and invites Maria to join her for a spa day. Maria accepts and confides in David that she plans to use the opportunity to tell Eva the truth about Aidan. As Aidan heads out of the factory, he’s horrified to see Eva and Maria setting off in the car together. David enjoys revealing Maria’s plans to tell Eva everything. Elsewhere, Billy and Todd arrive for Drew’s funeral. They’re hurt when the vicar explains that Drew’s parents want family only at the service. Despite the vicar’s warning, Billy and Todd enter the church, determined to pay their respects to Drew. Also today, when the factory girls receive invitations to Johnny and Jenny’s wedding, Jenny is furious and realises this is Johnny’s way of trying to win her back. In the factory, Matthew Singh approaches Jenny. Telling her how sorry he was to hear about her splitting up from Johnny, he invites her on a date. Jenny explains that it’s too soon, but not to be deterred, Matthew puts his number into her phone. Finally, Fiz orders Sinead to go home and parks herself at Chesney’s bedside, praying that he’ll make a full recovery.

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks – Sienna confides in Farrah about wanting Warren to open up more, but he’s sleeping with Grace at the flat. Grace later goes to The Loft and finds Warren’s notebook with his darkest secrets inside. Meanwhile, after her hospital appointment, Simone puts on a brave face for the election debate. Elsewhere, Prince and Hunter are furious when Shane worms his way back into the McQueens’. Also today, Lisa offers Maxine and Adam the outdoor space at the Loveboat to set up a beach bar. Later, Maxine explains why she doesn’t want to change her name to Donovan.



Thursday 6th:

Emmerdale – As the villagers arrive at Home Farm for clay pigeon shooting, Tim emerges pointing a gun at Lawrence. Meanwhile, Megan comes up with a plan. Elsewhere, Cain and Harriet come to an agreement. Laurel is worried as Arthur is wetting the bed and she isn’t sure how to speak to him about the situation. When Laurel decides to turn to Emma for help since she’s a nurse, she’s unaware that she’s playing straight into the hands of the exact person responsible for Arthur’s anxiety. Meanwhile, Lachlan finds a way to cover for Lawrence. Elsewhere, Pollard comes to Faith’s defence.

Coronation Street – At the funeral, Summer delivers the eulogy. When she breaks down, Billy comes to her aid but Summer is dismissive and wonders why he’s there. As Todd and Billy head out of church, Todd spots one of Adam’s new business cards incorporating his name. Todd is annoyed and assures Billy it wasn’t his doing. Billy is devastated. While Todd looks round Adam’s new office, Adam’s first client arrives. Todd is stunned to realise it’s Summer. Later on, Todd relents and agrees to go into business with Adam. Meanwhile, as Eva and Maria settle down to a drink in the hotel bar, they’re surprised by the sudden arrival of Aidan. When Leanne finds out from David that Maria and Eva have gone to a spa hotel together, she sets off in hot pursuit, concerned for her sister. Leanne resolves that Eva is right to want revenge on love rat Aidan and she’ll help her all she can. Elsewhere, Robert lures Rich to a car park and says he wants to buy some coke, but what is his game? Also today, when Jenny confronts Johnny, she’s gutted to discover he simply forgot to cancel the wedding invitation order and it wasn’t a ploy to win her back after all. Finally, egged on by Gemma, Jenny calls Matthew Singh and arranges to meet him for a drink.

Eastenders – Abi realises that Steven is planning to spy on Lauren via the phone charger, but she questions why he’s going to such effort when he could have her instead. Later on, Steven spies on Lauren and sees Josh inviting her for a drink. Will this push him over the edge again? Meanwhile, Ian struggles to show a defensive Karen the ropes on her first day at Beale’s restaurant. Elsewhere, Robbie tries to find missing Dave the Cat. Also today, Sonia has a meeting at Bex’s school, Max takes Carmel for a drink at The Vic, while Louise isn’t happy when she finds out that Alexandra is taking her place in the showcase.

Hollyoaks – Grace thinks she knows where Bart is buried. Meanwhile, Cindy uses Simone’s past against her in the campaign trail. Elsewhere, Darcy manipulates Jesse into asking her to move in. Also today, Courtney finds out that her controlling Granny is planning to visit so she decides to go on holiday. However, Granny Campbell arrives earlier than expected.



Friday 7th:

Emmerdale – Lawrence is keen to keep Lachlan sweet after recent events. Meanwhile, Arthur feels awkward when Laurel mentions his bed-wetting to him. Elsewhere, Robert makes an effort. Also today, Charity seeks help from Debbie and asks her to run the pub while she goes to visit Chas.

Coronation Street – While Billy frets about Summer, wishing there was something they could do, Todd secretly forms a plan. Handing Adam his signed contract, Todd suggests that he should take on Summer’s case. Pointing out that she’s only a child, Adam is only too happy to pass the buck. When Summer calls at the solicitors, she’s put out to find her meeting is with Todd, but he soon puts her at her ease. Summer unburdens herself to Todd and talks at length about her Dad. Meanwhile, when Dev invites Kevin and Anna for dinner, Anna is delighted while Kevin and Erica exchange surreptitious looks. Erica returns from a shopping spree and shows Anna the glamorous dress she’d bought for their evening together. When Anna gets cold feet and refuses to go for dinner at Dev and Erica’s, Kevin is annoyed and sets off by himself. Elsewhere, when Matthew Singh calls in the factory with flowers for Jenny, Johnny does his best to mask his jealousy. In The Rovers, Johnny laments to Liz how much he misses Jenny. Liz invites him through to the back. Misreading the situation, Gemma watches aghast. Gemma advises Jenny to get stuck in with Matthew Singh as Johnny has been cheating on her with Liz. Clearly gutted, Jenny marches into the Rovers back room and confronts Johnny and Liz. Also, Bethany helps Mary in the flower shop and tells her how she’s dreading Nathan’s court case. Mary assures her that she’s done the right thing. A police officer calls at Number 8 and breaks the news to Sarah that they haven’t enough evidence to press charges against Nathan. Bethany is distraught and blames herself. Finally, on the pretext of buying a wedding dress, Eva and Leanne persuade Aidan to hand over his credit card. Eva and Leanne return from their shopping trip with a surprise purchase for Aidan.

Mary calls at Number 8 and Sarah explains how the CPS have had to drop Nathan’s case. Consumed with self loathing, Bethany tells them it’s all her own fault for being so gullible and stupid. Mary and Sarah wish they could do something to help her. Desperate to help her daughter, Sarah confides in Mary that she’s going to have a word with Neil, the ‘friendly police officer’ who helped Bethany in the past. Meanwhile, Jenny heads out of The Rovers hurt and confused. Liz implores Johnny to go after Jenny and tell her how much he loves her. Having returned to the Bistro, Jenny apologises to Matthew for messing him around. Johnny arrives and spotting Matthew with Jenny, flies into a jealous rage. Jenny is horrified, but will she forgive Johnny? Elsewhere, Dev heads off to collect the kids, leaving Erica to entertain Kevin. Throwing Kevin a meaningful look, Erica tells Dev to take as long as he likes, but will they be able to resist each other? At Number 13, Anna confides in Rosie that the accident knocked her confidence for six and next to Erica she feels plain and dowdy. In an effort to cheer Anna up, Rosie puts together a mood board of fashion ideas for her. Anna’s touched by her kindness and asserts that she’s going to make things up to Kevin. Also, Aidan apologises to Eva for overreacting over her purchase and offers to set up a joint credit card for her. Eva and Leanne celebrate, determined to bleed him dry. Finally, Tracy’s scathing about Adam’s new office and wonders which idiot agreed to act as guarantor. When Todd suggests to Billy it’s time they looked for a place of their own, he agrees, pleasantly surprised. Tracy shows Todd and Billy round the flower shop flat.

Eastenders – The Taylor family get up to even more mischief on the Square. Later on, Karen comes to a worrying realisation as her eventful week continues. Meanwhile, Josh tries to be honest with Lauren. At the same time, will Steven end up regretting his behaviour when he continues to spy on Lauren? Elsewhere, Sonia worries that Dot is too stubborn to listen to the doctors. Also today, Michelle agrees to another date with Tom, Louise talks to Phil about moving schools, Mick and Shirley host Fi’s craft beer event at The Vic, and Robbie tries to get closer to the stall holders.

Hollyoaks – Maxine is sure that Darcy is lying about being homeless and decides to prove it. Meanwhile, Cindy has the opportunity to ruin Simone’s political chances. Elsewhere, Courtney is suspicious about why her Gran is being so nice.

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