Soap Spoilers 5th – 9th June 2017

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Here is all you need to know about what is coming up this week in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks.

Soap Spoilers 5th – 9th June 2017

Monday 5th:

Emmerdale – Marlon is baffled when he wakes up in a nightdress in Lydia’s bedroom and wonders what happened between them. Soon afterwards in the café, April is devastated to learn that Carly has left for good and angrily blames Marlon for it. Later, Lydia mentions that a drunken Marlon came to the house looking for Laurel the night before. When April and Vanessa overhear this and the mention of Marlon and Laurel’s kiss, they’re both furious. Marlon desperately tries to explain that there was no kiss and that’s not why Carly went, but will he manage to make Vanessa believe him and convince April that he’s not to blame for Carly’s departure? Meanwhile, the Bartons are struggling for cash after being rejected for another loan, leaving Finn worried about how they’re going to pay the rent. Even Emma’s trip to the bank proves futile. Elsewhere, Belle asks Debbie for advice and she tells her to act on her crush. Also today, Kerry is in her element.

Coronation Street – Sarah and Gary do their best to try to convince Bethany that Nathan is a monster, but she will hear nothing bad about him. She also ignores Audrey’s attempts of trying to speak some sense into her. Later, Bethany calls at Nathan’s flat, where she is fed a pack of lies by Nathan, Mel and Neil. Will Nathan persuade her to leave her family and come back? Meanwhile, it’s touch and go for Shona as she comes through her operation for a ruptured spleen. David is surprised when he discovers that Shona has a c-section scar, which made the op tricky. Billy tells David that she had a son but lost him. Elsewhere, Sinead tells Daniel it is over, then makes a shocking discovery about Daniel’s family. Also, with Nick gone, Gail makes it clear to Leanne that she owes her and Oliver nothing. Nathan persuades Bethany to lie and tell her mum they have split up. Later, Sarah is pleased when Neil arrives at the house in his police uniform. Sarah is happy to let him have some time with Bethany and watches through the window – relieved that Bethany is speaking to the police and unaware of what is really being discussed. Meanwhile, Ken shocks the family when he tells them the truth about what happened on the night of his attack and tells them that none of them are blameless. Elsewhere, Johnny is impressed when he discovers that Gina has made some new stock after she admits that she accidentally damaged some. He promotes her to machinist.

Eastenders – Lauren is getting ready for an important presentation at work, but Josh realises that something isn’t right with her and sends her home. Later, Steven tries to assure Lauren that missing out on the presentation doesn’t matter, but she snaps at him with some harsh words. Meanwhile, Kim is still worried about Denise and so offers her some advice in a heart-to-heart. Elsewhere, Louise is growing closer to Travis but Madison and Alexandra cause more trouble by trying to put doubts in her mind about his intentions. Also today, Charlie approaches Jack to discuss Matthew.

Hollyoaks – Grace and Warren are bickering in The Loft when two armed thugs handcuff them to a pipe in the office. The men explain that Bart McQueen owes them money and they know Warren was the last person to see him. Meanwhile, Jesse knows Darcy is to blame after a mix-up with Goldie, but Darcy comes up with an elaborate lie which leaves Jesse feeling sorry for her. Darcy and Jesse go back to Grace’s flat and Darcy seduces Jesse. Elsewhere, Esther spots a hooded figure watching her and chases after them.

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Tuesday 6th:

Emmerdale – Finn privately reveals to Leyla that he blew all the money in Australia, leaving her with a dilemma over whether to keep the secret. At a loss over what to do next, Finn decides to solve his financial problems by becoming an escort. Meanwhile, now the staff at the factory know about Nicola’s phobia, pranks are coming thick and fast. One joke at Nicola’s expense goes too far when she ends up tackling the animal to the ground, only to discover who is inside. Believing Jai to be behind the prank, Nicola starts slating him but he overhears and fires her. Elsewhere, after a few drinks, Jimmy becomes loose-lipped and reveals that Rakesh started the Mill fire. The shocked villagers encourage him to call the police and report it as arson, which drunk Jimmy goes ahead and does. Also today, Charity grows suspicious.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Denise decides it’s time to be honest about her feelings, so she invites Kush out for a drink – much to the concern of Carmel. When they meet up at the Queen Vic, Denise explains her recent behaviour to Kush and apologises to him. Denise tells Kush that she loves him, but how will he react? Meanwhile, Lauren opens up to Stacey. Elsewhere, Michelle is expecting a call from Tim to discuss their divorce. Also today, Madison and Alexandra’s warnings take a toll on Louise when Travis tries to kiss her and she rushes off.

Hollyoaks – Adam and Maxine return and are shocked when they find loved-up Darcy and Jesse kissing on the sofa. They are distracted when Minnie starts walking and Adam suggests that they celebrate by throwing a ‘welcome home’ party. Later, Minnie and Toby go missing and Maxine finds Toby stood over Minnie, who is struggling to get up. Maxine screams and grabs Toby’s shoulder. Adam, Jesse and Darcy rush outside and Toby tells Darcy that Maxine hit him. Meanwhile, Yasmine asks Esther for some part time work, just as her sister Farrah turns up on the back of a motorbike. Elsewhere, Harry visits Ste in prison and is alarmed when another inmate, Woody, orders Harry to smuggle in drugs unless he wants Ste to get hurt.


Wednesday 7th:

Emmerdale – The police arrive at the factory to question Rakesh about the fire. How can he get out of this? Meanwhile, Lachlan and Belle agree to spend time together. Elsewhere, Marlon is surprised when he finds a letter to April from Carly. Also today, the Sharmas their best to quell gossip. Finally, Leyla has had enough.

Coronation Street – It’s Bethany’s birthday and she feels a pang of guilt as the Platts spoil her. Later, Craig is delighted when Bethany lies and tells him that she and Nathan are over. His reaction strikes chord with her, but when Bethany later sees Neil and he tells her to be ready with her passport, she rushes home. Sarah finds Bethany going through the drawers and realises what she is looking for. Meanwhile, Ken convinces Daniel to burn the evidence of the attack and move on. Elsewhere, Gail visits Shona in hospital and warns her that David knows she has a son. When David arrives at the hospital, Shona starts to tell him about her child Jimmy who went off the rails, but Gail is stunned when she sees David gently kiss Shona. Also today, Aidan arrives home after some afternoon delight with Maria to discover Eva wearing nothing but a basque and a smile. Can he rise to the occasion again?

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks – Adam reassures Maxine that no-one is going to believe that she hit Toby, but the police turn up at the door. Meanwhile, Harry fires James from the case, but James offers to get Ste moved to a different prison. Harry wants to target Woody and calls the prison to tell them about Woody smuggling drugs, but has he put Ste in danger?Elsewhere, Scott hassles Nancy for help with the summer fete, but pushes her too far and she relapses. Scott decides to hold the summer fete as a fundraiser for multiple sclerosis.

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Thursday 8th:

Emmerdale – Finn goes on his first date as an escort, but during it he has second thoughts. Trying a different tactic, Finn grabs the cash off the client and makes a run for it, ending up at Wylie’s farm. But is he making matters worse? Meanwhile, Rakesh is unnerved after recent events. Elsewhere, Belle suffers another setback. As the Barton brothers leave Wylie’s farm, Ross trips on a cable and makes a discovery – a large scale cannabis enterprise. Could this be the answer to all of the Bartons’ financial problems? Meanwhile, Priya is rumbled. Elsewhere, Charity confronts Faith.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Steven and Abi discuss plans for her 21st birthday, but Abi quickly realises that all is not well between him and Lauren. Meanwhile, Lauren opens up to Stacey. Elsewhere, Dot helps out Honey by assuring Will that he has nothing to worry about now that he’s living above the funeral parlour. Also today, Dot and Charlie discuss Matthew, while Jack and Max talk about Charlie.

Hollyoaks – Darcy’s plan is working when Maxine tells Adam that she’s leaving him. Later, Darcy is delighted when she finds out that Maxine is going to America. Meanwhile, Grace tells Darren that she wants more drugs to sell. When the house is empty, Darren heads up to the loft and gets the weed, but Kyle catches him. Elsewhere, Ryan worries that Leah has spotted Mercedes leaving the flat after their night together. Also today, Scott finds out Mercedes has a mystery man and plans to catch them on camera.

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Friday 9th:

Emmerdale – Priya is facing a tough time following the dramas with Rakesh and makes a surprising move. Meanwhile, Ronnie advises Lachlan on what to do about Belle. Elsewhere, Pete is not happy.

Coronation Street – Gail tells David that she is concerned he is getting too close to Shona and that it’s too soon. Shona also confides in Eileen that she has feelings for David. Later, David takes Lily and Max to Kylie’s grave but is shocked when he finds Shona there… Meanwhile, Audrey spots the burn mark on Bethany’s arm and tells her that Nathan will soon be a distant memory. Later, Sarah is horrified to discover Bethany about to burn her other arm with a cigarette and she breaks down, saying she deserves it as she has let Nathan down. Sarah is at a loss at what to do. Elsewhere, Maria tells Aidan that she gets her tag off today so she should come round. Unaware of the planned meeting, Eva fixes it for Aidan to be at The Rovers when Jenny’s jeweller arrives with sample rings. Realising what she is up to, Aidan has another idea. Eva is frustrated to discover that Aidan did not fall for her plan and didn’t buy an engagement ring for her. She’s unaware that he did buy Maria an ankle bracelet to replace her tag. Frustrated that Aidan has not proposed, Eva confides in Johnny, who says she should pop the question instead. Meanwhile, Jenny is amused when Johnny stumbles on the way home from the pub. She puts it down to too much booze but Johnny knows differently.

Eastenders – Abi tries to support Lauren, but things become complicated. Meanwhile, after attending her baby scan, Stacey tells Martin that she’s worried about how people will react to her being pregnant again. Despite wanting to share his excitement, Martin agrees to keep the news quiet. Elsewhere, Jane and Kathy clash over Ian’s new lifestyle. Also today, Louise has a heart-to-heart with Travis and they get back together.

Hollyoaks – Adam is frantically trying to catch Maxine before she leaves. Adam sends out a message to Maxine over the taxi radio, but when Jack arrives back at the garage, Maxine isn’t with him – she’s gone. Meanwhile, Kyle tells Darren that he won’t say anything to Nancy about the drugs as long as he cuts him in on the deal. Kyle follows Ryan into the toilets at The Dog and begs him not to give up on them. Ryan emerges from the cubicle but Scott is there, what did he hear?

soap-spoilers-5th-9th-june-2017 hollyoaks


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