Soap Spoilers (6th – 10th June 2016)

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All of this weeks spoilers for Emmerdale, Eastenders, Coronation Street and Hollyoaks.

Monday 6th :ssc2

Emmerdale – David and Tracy kiss, but when his hair comes out in her hand, a distraught David pushes her away. Belle is forced to apologies to Angie and tell her she’s getting help. Chas tells DS Wise that she isn’t ready for a relationship so soon after Gordon. Aaron tries to comfort his mum but she insists he should go ob his holiday to Wales. Rhona gives into her feelings for Pierce.

Eastenders – Donna is still desperately wants a baby and tells Vincent she wants him to be the father of her baby.Ronnie is worries about Roxy and takes her out for some drinks. Lauren is upset when she learns that Max has stopped her and Abi from visiting him. Pam tells Paul about the ongoing blackmail drama.


Corrie – Michelle comforts Amy after she has a bad day and also tells Amy that Will was her first boyfriend but he now means nothing to her. Steve and Michelle’s are interrupted by the arrival of Will and Saskia. Todd goes to the police station and tells the police Tony Stewart killed Callum and confessed to the murder months ago. when he tells Eileen, Jason and Billy what he told the police they are stunned. Leanne and Simon arrive home and Leanne is determined to help Nick when she finds out all that’s happened since she’s been away.

Steve is Devastated to hear whats gone on between Will and Michelle while he was away. He goes to confide in Tim. Will calls to the cab office to talk to Steve, Tim comes to his aid and punches Will. Jason isn’t sure he believes Tony killed Callum. Todd tells David what he told the police and David passes the news on to Sarah and Kylie and suggests they back up his story. Billy demands to know why Todd lied to the police…

Hollyoaks (First Look) – Cameron and Leela argue about the text message, and his jealous behavior drives Leela to have some fun with Tegan, Liam and Jesse. Marnie and James cut the ribbon for the restaurants grand opening. Simone orders Louise to move out when he tells her his suspicions about Lisa.


Tuesday 7th:


Emmerdale – A road accident leads James to learn Chas could be pregnant. Emma realises that James spent time with Chas then finds her pregnancy test… An emotional Jacob fights with Lauchlan and David decides to shave his head.

Eastenders – Les tries take a stand against the blackmail but it backfires and Babe ups the payment demands. Les and Pam’s marriage is under strain and Claudette arrives to show her support. Les secretly decides to wear Christine’s clothes again. Donna pleas with Vincent to be the father of her child. Roxy and Andy and Ronnie and Jack go on a double date.

Corrie – No Episode Today.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Leela and Ste return to the Lomax house after a heavy night, with their stories straight that they were out together. Later, Ste has to find strength when Cameron leads him into temptation. Mercedes is doing her best domestic goddess impression while looking after JJ. Freddie visits his daughter at the hospital and Tegan suggests he should get some help dealing with what’s happened.


Wednesday 8th:


Emmerdale – Emma’s jealousy backfires when Pete tells James about her “illness”. He in turn, visits Dr Bailey to discover more… Will James find out the truth? Chas struggles to sleep and suffers a nightmare that leaves her terrified… Could her PTSD have returned? Ronnie and Lawrence share a drink.

Eastenders – No episode today.

Corrie – The police call to question Todd again, and suggest he, Tony and Jason all conspired to kill Callum together. Billy tells Todd that he’s considering telling the police but Todd begs him to think about the consequences it would have. Later as Sean and Billy are having a lunch date Todd calls Billy telling him he’s found Lee unconscious in the ginnel. Billy leaves worried and Sean is fuming. Todd helps Billy with Lee and they hug as Sean watches from a distance, stunned. Michelle begs Steve to forgive he but he remains cold, Amy is upset to hear them arguing.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Cameron continues to try and weaken Ste’s willpower. Tony has some words of wisdom for Ste. Leela has a confession to make to Tegan. Freddie gets a letter to meet with a social worker. John Paul is desperately trying to avoid Sally, but in doing so, he makes a career-threatening mistake.



Thursday 9th:

Emmerdale – The Barton’s are outraged to know Emma faked her illness. Charity finds the Woolpack trashed and Chas panics when she suspects her PTSD has come back. Emma helps Chas get into a mental health clinic, but cain is wary. Bernice is upset when she realises that Lawrence and Ronnie were once lovers. Zak and Lisa’s divorce is finalised.

Eastenders – It’s Max’s court hearing and Abi and Lauren try to reach out to him with a letter. Les can’t bring himself to get rid of Christine’s belongings, and when everyone goes to bed he puts on her wig, but someone walks in… Kim and Patrick confront Vincent and Donna on they’re decision, but who’s side will Claudette be on?

Corrie – No episode today.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Mercedes struggles with her new-found responsibility. Myra takes Mercedes to the hospital to see baby Roscoe and when the monitors start beeping, Mercedes jumps into action, proving that she can be responsible. Freddie is furious when he finds out Marnie has been bad-mouthing him to Ellie. Sienna visits Grace as she’s throwing out Trevor’s clothes and wants to help. Grace panics when Sienna takes Trevor’s clothes to the Emporium and wants to get his leather jacket back, but it’s gone. John Paul prepares to deal with his mistake.


Friday 10th:


Emmerdale – Bernice gets drunk and wreaks revenge on Lawrence when she gets her hands on keys to his digger. Moira goes against Cain’s wishes when she leaves Holly alone to look after Kyle. Finn and Charity clash over Moses’ party. Aaron feels positive that Chas is taking steps to get better.

Eastenders – As Jane prepares to move to Birmingham Lauren tries to give Ian a reality check, and Steven visits Jane and begs her not to leave. Steven and Lauren discuss their relationship.

Corrie – No episode today. The next episode of Coronation Street airs on Sunday, June 12th.

Hollyoaks (first look) – No Spoilers Yet.

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