Soap Spoilers 7th – 11th August 2017

Written by ClareWithTheHair

Here is all you need to know about what is coming up this week in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks.

Soap Spoilers 7th – 11th August 2017


Monday 7th:

Emmerdale – Robert makes himself comfortable at Home Farm, but he panics when he hears Rebecca return. Robert is frustrated to hear that Lawrence has discharged himself and thinks his plan is being thwarted. Later, Robert takes further action when he makes a drastic plan to drug Lawrence. Meanwhile, Laurel apologises to Emma and assures her that she’s going to drop her public vendetta against her. Laurel makes it clear that she and Emma know the real truth of what’s happened, before playing the religious card and preying on Emma’s guilt and conscience. However, Emma is unaware that Ross is eavesdropping on her conversation. Elsewhere, Eric tries to take Faith out to dinner, but he can’t get his car started. Cain is reluctant to help because he isn’t happy about Eric taking his mum out. However, Josh eventually turns up and fixes the car, leaving Eric impressed. Also today, Pete struggles to stay calm.

Coronation Street – Michelle has not returned home. Worried sick, Robert leaves a message on her phone, begging her to get in touch and let him know she’s okay. Robert is convinced that Rich is behind it, but the police break the news to Robert that Rich has an alibi, meaning he couldn’t have abducted Michelle. Meanwhile, hungover Leanne remembers with horror that Steve proposed to her and they need to talk. When Steve admits that he likes Leanne and reckons they could make it work, Liz encourages him to buy a ring and propose properly. Amy is shocked to overhear this. Elsewhere, telling Sarah that he’s booked a viewing on a flat and he’ll meet her there at 5pm, Gary heads off to a new job. Sarah warns him to be careful as he’s had a couple of drinks. Also, when Luke admits that he tried it on with Alya but she knocked him back, Kate is unimpressed and reminds him that flatmates are out of bounds. But Alya confesses to Rana that she’s got the hots for Luke, so Rana urges her to ask him out. Finally, Rosie laments to Norris and Tim that window cleaning isn’t for her and she particularly hates the overalls. Later, Todd and Adam throw a party to mark the opening of their new solicitor’s’ office and Rosie begs them to consider her for the role of PA.

Robert grabs Rich outside his house and gives him a severe beating, telling him that if he has gone near Michelle again, he’ll finish the job off. Later, the police call at Victoria Court and arrest Robert on suspicion of ABH. Meanwhile, Gary makes a start on his new job but fails to stack the bricks properly. The scaffolding collapses and Gary is buried under a pile of bricks. Sarah arrives at the hospital and is relieved to find Gary in one piece. When Gary’s employer Don assures him the job is still his but he’ll need copies of his insurance documents to claim for the smashed conservatory, Gary masks his discomfort. Elsewhere, before Leanne can stop her, Amy texts Simon and informs him that Leanne and Steve are going to get married. Outside The Rovers, Steve approaches and Leanne is horrified to see that Oliver is wearing a baby grow emblazoned with the words “Will you marry my Daddy?”. Amy, Simon, Peter, Toyah, Eva and Tracy watch as Steve gets down on one knee and lists all the reasons their marriage could work. Also, Rosie begs Adam and Todd to reconsider and give her an interview for the PA job. Convinced she’d be perfect for the PA role, Gail tells Todd that he’ll have her CV on his desk first thing in the morning. Finally, Alya lures Luke back to the flat on the pretence that the food processor is broken. When Luke spots the screwdriver on the side, he sees straight through her ruse but has the plan worked?

Eastenders – Linda returns to the Square and Mick wonders if he should tell her the truth about what happened between him and Whitney. However, Linda senses that something isn’t right anyway and quizzes Johnny on what’s been going on. Later, Linda realises how much Mick has needed her while she’s been away, so she suggests having no more secrets between them. However, Linda is shellshocked when Mick responds by making a confession. Meanwhile, Abi and Max enjoy keeping Steven on edge as he continues to make plans for his wedding day. Elsewhere, Josh attempts to make contact with Lauren, but she deletes his number. Also today, Keanu searches for a new job, while Mr Pryce looks for flats in the area.

Hollyoaks – Cindy is alarmed to find out that Armstrong is planning to move in next door. Dirk wants revenge for what Armstrong has done to Cindy’s mental state, but Holly talks him down – or so she thinks! Later, Dirk lies to Holly about his whereabouts and dumps Armstrong’s police badge in the bin. What has he done? Meanwhile, Leela gives Zack a second chance to look after Daniel, but Zack gets sidetracked. A stressed Zack can’t cope with Daniel’s crying and explodes with anger, which is witnessed by Courtney. Elsewhere, Hunter makes up an excuse to get out of work to go to the beach with Neeta, but just as Neeta sneaks off, Mac hurts his back leaving Neeta to look after everything. Also today, Darren promises to take Nancy and the kids out to say sorry, but he gets a call from Shane leaving Luke to take the job.


Tuesday 8th:

Emmerdale – Hour-long episode Lawrence wakes up and is confused by the commotion coming from outside, where a zombie fun run is taking place. Despite feeling drowsy, Lawrence decides to investigate and gets into his car. Sadly, it’s not long before Lawrence is hurtling towards Belle, Lachlan and Victoria – crashing into Victoria’s stall and leaving her injured. How bad will this situation be? Meanwhile, Pete reassures an emotional Priya that she’ll find someone, but she misreads the situation and goes in for a kiss – unaware that Sarah is nearby. Has she seen too much? And if so, will she reveal all? Elsewhere, Josh is responsive to Eric’s attempts to build bridges between them, but Jamie watches on from nearby and films footage showing them them hi-fiving.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Mick/Linda/Whitney three-hander episode Mick continues to tell Linda the truth about what happened while she was away from Walford. It doesn’t take long before Linda realises that Mick is talking about Whitney – and as the situation turns heated, accusations aren’t the only thing that are sent flying. Whitney also gets caught up in the dramatic situation, but Mick defends himself by giving Linda some home truths.

Hollyoaks – Holly and Cindy suspect that Dirk has killed Armstrong when they discover Armstrong’s badge in the bin. Armstrong has also seemingly gone missing, but is Dirk really responsible? Meanwhile, Zack promises Courtney that he will tell Leela about shouting at Daniel, but Leela plans a special day with Zack at the beach bar and Zack fails to tell her. Zack promises Courtney that he won’t mess up again, but when Daniel starts crying, Zack fills with anger. Elsewhere, Hunter rings in sick for his shift at The Dog but Zack drops him in it. Mac heads round to the McQueens’ to confront Hunter and discovers he lied because he was with a girl.


Wednesday 9th:

Emmerdale – A wound-up Josh is back on a troublesome path when he takes Eric’s shotgun. After some teasing from Jamie and his gang, it’s not long before the gun has been fired and the police are called – leaving Jacob facing a tough dilemma. Meanwhile, Aaron tells Robert that he wants a word in private. Elsewhere, Adam confronts a friend.

Coronation Street – Gary is furious when Sarah reveals that she’s agreed to put down a deposit on a new flat. Under pressure, Gary comes clean to Don and admits that he has no insurance. Don tells him he’s fired and demands £10,000 to pay for the damage he’s caused. In desperation, Gary meets up with Joe and confirms he’ll take the security work in the Ukraine as he needs cash fast. Gary lies to Sarah, making out that he jacked his job in as he’s landed some more lucrative work with his Dad in Hamburg. Gary promises it’ll only be for a few weeks and will allow them to buy a dream flat. Meanwhile, Robert returns home on bail and blames himself for bringing Rich into their lives. Elsewhere, using a false name, Rosie dupes Todd and Adam into giving her an interview. When Mrs Banks, a prospective client, calls in for divorce advice, Rosie turns on the charm and Adam is amused. Will she get the job? Also today, when Gemma excitedly reminds Chesney that he’s due back at work tomorrow, he’s very subdued and Sinead can tell something’s bothering him.

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks – Hunter surprises Neeta in the folly, but Neeta has to take the morning after pill when they discover Hunter’s condom split. Hunter wants to run away to Ibiza with Neeta, but Neeta has to support the Nightingales as it’s Nathan’s birthday. Meanwhile, Maxine discovers the £30,000 that Adam paid off Marcus with and is raging, but Adam makes it up to her by securing the house. Later, Tracey is released from prison, but is stunned to see Darcy in such close quarters with her sons and the boys refuse to spend time with their mum. Elsewhere, Cindy is in the throes of a manic episode after lying about getting her medication, but she is encouraged to speak to a doctor with Dirk, Holly and Alfie’s support. Also today, Marnie witnesses her family celebrating Nathan’s birthday without her, and when James turns his back on her also, she is left comforted by Myra.


Thursday 10th:

Emmerdale – Jacob is implicated in the gun fire, but he refuses to lay blame on Josh. With Jacob and Josh now both in trouble with the police, could the pressure get too much for Jacob? Meanwhile, Leyla is puzzled. Elsewhere, Victoria confides in Diane that she still has feelings for Adam, but can never forgive him. Also, Rhona realises that her recovery has a long way still to go.

Megan is touched when Frank tells her that he views Eliza as a daughter and wants to set up a charity for young people in trouble. Realising that Frank seems to be a changed man, Megan squeezes his hand – with eagle-eyed Charity watching on. Later, Charity confronts Megan and accuses her of backing down from her plan to get Frank sent down. Charity insists they should stick to the original plan and when she later finds that Frank has forgotten his phone, she decides pocket it. What is she up to? Meanwhile, Marlon senses that something is up with Rhona, but will she confide in him about her fears? Elsewhere, Jacob still has a decision to make after the week’s events. Also, Lawrence is chastened.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Linda struggles when questions start being asked about what’s going on, but can she hold it all together? At the same time, Linda also tells Stacey why Whitney was thrown out of The Vic. Meanwhile, Fi encourages Max to get even more information out of Carmel. After joining Carmel and Denise at The Vic, Max manages to get more details about the council. Elsewhere, Cora realises something isn’t right with Lauren when she pays a visit to the Square. Cora advises Lauren to call her mum, or she will. Also today, Honey wants Ingrid, Jack and the kids to join her and Billy on their upcoming camping trip.

Hollyoaks – Mac talks to Neeta about starting a family together. Meanwhile, Tegan and Leela find out that Liam is the father of Courtney’s baby. Elsewhere, Marnie tricks James into forgiving her with Myra’s help and he invites her back to live with him.


Friday 11th: 

Emmerdale – Charity continues to encourage Megan to get her revenge. Meanwhile, Jacob has regrets after the week’s events. Elsewhere, Finn makes a suggestion to Emma.

Coronation Street – When Fiz spots Daniel chatting to Sinead, her suspicions are aroused, especially when she clocks her putting some sexy underwear in her bag. Furious Fiz confronts Sinead, but when Sinead reveals that she’s actually trying to make an effort for Chesney, Fiz apologises. Later, Chesney starts back at work only to find himself faced with a rowdy bunch of lads on a stag night. As the lads become more boisterous, Chesney suffers a panic attack and runs from the kebab shop struggling for breath. Meanwhile, Aidan excitedly confirms the sale has gone through and they now own their flat. But when he opens the post, Aidan confronts Eva, wanting to know why she failed to mention her first scan. Elsewhere, Joe runs through the details of the security job with Gary and reminds him to make a will. Gary is taken aback. To Gary’s horror, Sarah suggests she might like to join him on his Hamburg trip. Also, struggling to remember what she had for her breakfast, Rita masks her worry whilst Gemma fails to notice anything wrong. Finally, Liz observes the lack of chemistry between Steve and Leanne and tells Steve that he needs to sort out his sex life, while Rosie tries to help Mrs Banks with her divorce and ends up taking pictures showing Mr Banks with his mistress.

Dev is horrified to find the kebab shop unmanned and some lads helping themselves to kebabs. As Rana and Liz tend to Chesney, Rana explains that he’s had a panic attack brought on by stress. Chesney makes them promise not to tell anyone. Back at home Sinead cooks a special meal for Chesney as he paints on a smile, masking his inner anxiety. Meanwhile, thinking on her feet, Eva tells Aidan the scan isn’t for another hour and she’ll meet him at the hospital. At Toyah’s suggestion, Eva prints off a scan photo from the internet to fool Aidan. Elsewhere, Gary explains to Sarah that it wouldn’t be a good idea for her join him in Hamburg as he needs to give the job 100%. Also, Rosie emails the incriminating photos to Mrs Banks, while Mary calls in The Rovers with flowers for Leanne.

Eastenders – Steven worries about Lauren visiting her mum and seeks help from Max to stop her from going. Meanwhile, Max is dismissive of Carmel when she invites him to a family dinner, so she responds by cancelling and storming off. Elsewhere, Jack agrees to go on the camping trip with Billy and Honey.

Hollyoaks – Maxine is desperate for her dinner party to be perfect but with her, Adam, Darcy, Jesse, Grace and Tracey in attendance – plus nosey Cindy living next door – it descends into chaos. Later, Adam can’t hide his anger when scheming Darcy proposes to Jesse. Meanwhile, Neeta is guilted into agreeing to have a baby with Mac when an excited Alfie tells her it would be a blessing after losing Nathan. Later, Neeta tells Hunter the news and he asks her to leave.

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