Soap Spoilers 8th – 12th May 2017

Soap Spoilers 8th - 12th May 2017
Written by ClareWithTheHair

Here is all you need to know about what is coming up this week in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks.

Soap Spoilers 8th – 12th May 2017

Soap Spoilers 8th - 12th May 2017 corrie

Monday 8th:

Emmerdale – Josh and Jamie are released by the police pending further investigation into the attack on Pollard. Thinking they’ve got away with it, the pair of thugs return and cause chaos in the village. As they have knives this time and are threatening the locals with fear and intimidation, it could be enough to convince Dan to withdraw his statement. Meanwhile, Adam has admitted his criminal record at the adoption open day. As a result, he’s left on edge and ends up snapping at Vanessa. Later, Moira tries to get the bottom of what’s going on and is furious when Adam admits that he kissed Vanessa. Elsewhere, Samson plays matchmaker between Sam and Lydia.

Coronation Street – Eva is loved up after a great night with Aidan, but when he receives a text from Maria, he sneaks out. As they meet for a passionate clinch in the ginnel, David clocks them and is suspicious. Meanwhile, Sally is shocked when Gina approaches, telling her how sorry she is. Leah quickly intercepts and bundles Gina into her car before she can say any more. Elsewhere, worried for Amy’s safety, Steve sets off in search of her, as the police move in on Ken’s attacker. Also, Michelle is short with Robert, who’s unaware that Ruairi’s due date is approaching. Finally, Rana surprises Zeedan with a food van and suggests they start their own business selling his street food.

On a mission to unfriend Eva in order to alleviate her guilt over her affair with Aidan, Maria impersonates Eva in front of all the factory girls. Later, still determined to make Eva dislike her, Maria slags off Leanne and a row escalates between the women. Meanwhile, Michelle insists Zeedan’s menu ideas aren’t right for the Bistro. Elsewhere, Sally discovers Gina has moved from the address where she previously lived.

Eastenders – Patrick is returning home today, so Kim invites Denise over for dinner to help celebrate the occasion. Denise is relieved to have an escape from her current financial predicament, but trouble brews when Kim tries to get to the bottom of recent events. Kim’s questions lead to a huge argument between Kim and Denise, with the tension only getting bigger as time goes on. Meanwhile, Lauren’s first day in her new job sees her thrown in the deep end when she has to join Josh for a client presentation. Elsewhere, Woody tries to ease tensions at The Vic by organising a birthday party for Ollie.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Hunter realises that he’s left his saucy sketches on Neeta’s desk and orders Prince to help him get them back. The twins sneak into school after hours, but are shocked to see an injured Shane. Meanwhile, Holly helps Cindy with her local election campaign. Elsewhere, Zack surprises Leela with champagne and oysters. Leela secretly baulks at the thought of eating oysters, while Zack pretends that he eats them all the time. He’s caught out when he has an allergic reaction and has to be rushed to hospital. Also today, Tegan is mortified when an old man catches her in full seduction mode while she’s waiting for Nick. She warns Nick that she’s not carrying on with their fling until he dumps Holly.

Soap Spoilers 8th - 12th May 2017 hollyoaks

Tuesday 9th:

Emmerdale – Josh and Jamie return to the scene of the crime by heading into the shop and riling Pollard. A rattled Pollard reaches for the cricket bat. Meanwhile, Emma overhears Adam telling Moira that he’s lost his dad’s watch, but she’s unsympathetic and tells an unimpressed Harriet that it’s divine retribution. When Adam ends up snapping at Emma, Ross steps in to defend his mum by punching him. Elsewhere, Sam gets Lydia a job interview at Home Farm, but she breaks down in tears in the middle of it.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Still cash-strapped, Denise resorts to extreme lengths to find some money. Meanwhile, Lauren faces an awkward predicament when Steven unexpectedly turns up at her work with Louie. Elsewhere, the Carters anxiously await news on Lady Di when she goes in for her operation. Also today, Whitney receives a shock. Finally, Abi becomes frustrated over her new living situation.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Nick is floored by Holly’s sexy surprise when he gets home from work and decides not to dump her after all. Despite this, Tegan is just too tempting once he’s back at work. However, trouble could be brewing when Zack spots Nick and Tegan kissing as he’s leaving the hospital. Later, Tegan panics when she thinks the hangover she’s had all day might actually be morning sickness. Meanwhile, Prince and Hunter have mixed reactions when Shane reveals why he’s injured. They suggest that Shane hides out in The Shack, but Hunter needs to get his folder from Neeta’s desk first. When Louis turns up to do some marking, Prince, Hunter and Shane are forced to hide in the classroom store cupboard. They finally manage to escape when Louis leaves the room, but Shane has spotted the expensive camera equipment being stored away and blackmails his sons to help him steal it.

Soap Spoilers 8th - 12th May 2017 eastenders

Wednesday 10th:

Emmerdale – Adam’s secret is under threat after Emma overhears Moira talking to Vanessa about the kiss. Meanwhile, Paddy is shocked when Rhona arrives home after her honeymoon and quickly admits to him that she and Pierce are over. Elsewhere, David and Tracy are concerned for Pollard’s wellbeing

Coronation Street – Finding Gina’s address on the electoral register, Sally and Tim pay her a visit. Sally is appalled at the state of Gina’s house, but when Leah explains that Gina is bipolar, Sally feels awful and insists they must come and stay with them. Later, when Sally and Tim arrive home with Gina and Leah in tow, Rosie and Sophie are horrified. Meanwhile, Leanne is stressed, having noticed a rash on Oliver’s back. When Steve then fails to collect Oliver as arranged, Nick calls at The Rovers and rails at Steve, cancelling his night to have Oliver. Elsewhere, Norris and Mary embark on a competition spree. Also today, having been persuaded by Billy, David and Shona help out at his charity ‘bring and buy’. Finally, Aidan shows Maria the new phone he’s bought so they can conduct their affair in secret.

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Tegan tells Leela about her fling with Nick, while Zack storms over to the Cunninghams’ and gives Nick 24 hours to tell Holly, or he will. Later, Tegan takes a pregnancy test, but drops it in the bin when Courtney interrupts her. She fishes it out and is stunned to see that it’s positive. However, Nick doesn’t want to know and tells her that she was just a bit of fun. Meanwhile, Shane lies to Neeta that he needs to take back the camera equipment that ‘his’ company sold to the school. Neeta is won over by Shane’s charm when he invites her for lunch. She agrees to hand over the equipment, but Hunter reveals the truth about who Shane really is. Prince is furious at his brother, and so gives Neeta the folder of Hunter’s saucy drawings. Elsewhere, Darcy goes to the salon and forces Jesse to talk to her, but is irritated by Goldie and Jesse’s relationship. Darcy sabotages Goldie’s next appointment with Courtney so that she can be the hero and save the day. She gets Jesse on side.

Soap Spoilers 8th - 12th May 2017 emmerdale

Thursday 11th:

Emmerdale – Vanessa is eager to speak to Rhona now that she’s back in the village, but when she pops round, she’s shocked to discover that Rhona has trashed the house and all of the wedding presents.As it’s obvious that something isn’t right, will Rhona reveal the truth to Vanessa or find another coping mechanism? Meanwhile, Carly has a flush of memories when she sees someone’s social media profile. Elsewhere, Megan gets ready to move in with Frank, but the positive atmosphere doesn’t last for long as she’s determined for Jai and Nell not to be happy.Also today, Adam makes his feelings clear.

Vanessa is stunned by the Rhona situation, but how much will she find out about what’s been going on? Meanwhile, Emma gets defensive after recent events. Elsewhere, Nell has a plan.

Coronation Street – No episodes today.

Eastenders – Whitney receives another shock when Moose reappears at the Queen Vic, wanting to talk to her. Meanwhile, Stacey rebukes Martin for continuing to ignore Michelle. Still keen to make peace, Michelle comes to find Martin at the allotments and they reminisce over the past. Elsewhere, Abi’s habit of labelling everything she owns is annoying her housemates, prompting Ben to plan revenge. Ben’s plan backfires when Abi comes up with a new cleaning schedule for everyone to follow. Also today, Steven goes to desperate lengths to get his way.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Nick is forced to defend himself again. Meanwhile, Hunter is mortified when Neeta confronts him with his sketches. Neeta covers for Hunter to Mrs St Claire and Sally shreds all of the drawings, apart from one, which she keeps for herself. Elsewhere, Jesse is worried about some unwanted interest in the salon.

Friday 12th:

Emmerdale – Marlon wants answers over what’s going on, while Rhona continues to struggle after her return. The big question remains: will Rhona confide in her friends or find another way to cope with her situation? Meanwhile, Lydia makes a discovery. Elsewhere, Zak is frustrated.

Coronation Street – Michelle is devastated when she overhears Steve telling Liz that he’s taking Oliver to the beach for the day. Back from the seaside, Steve hands Oliver over to Leanne when they’re interrupted by a furious Michelle, who lets rip at Steve for taking his other son to the beach where they scattered Ruairi’s ashes on the day he was due to be born. As Robert goes after a devastated Michelle, Leanne takes Oliver home but is horrified to find him unconscious. Panicking, Nick calls an ambulance. Meanwhile, when Shona overhears Faye telling Phelan there’s been a fight at the Young Offenders’ Unit and Clayton has been hospitalised, she hurries out. When David hears the news that Clayton might not pull through, he heads to the pub to celebrate. Shona finds a drunken David sitting on the cobbles where Kylie died. Elsewhere, Toyah buys a pregnancy testing kit and heads to the bathroom, intent on discovering if the IVF has been successful. Also, Sally asks Aidan for a job at the factory for Gina.Finally, Daniel suggests to Sinead they should start afresh and move to Oxford.

At the hospital, Leanne hands a barely conscious Oliver to the nurse, ordering Nick to call Steve. Nick quietly fumes, while Leanne is beside herself with worry. Meanwhile, Toyah confides in Eva that she went ahead with the IVF behind Peter’s back. Elsewhere, Aidan interviews Gina for a job in packing and she fails to mention her bipolar condition. Also, Anna makes excuses when Kevin suggests an early night.

Eastenders – It’s the day of Ollie’s birthday party, but Linda isn’t able to attend. When Whitney goes to fetch the youngster, Woody decides to join her for the journey – giving Whitney a chance to open up to him in an emotional heart-to-heart. Back at the pub later, Woody continues his attempts to support Whitney, starts to take a shine to him. Meanwhile, Sharon pays a visit to Denise to check whether she’s okay. Sharon can sense that Denise is hiding something, but is forced to leave when she won’t admit the truth.

Hollyoaks (first look) – No spoilers for Fridays episode yet.

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