Soap Spoilers 9th-13th January 2017

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Here is all you need to know about what is coming up this week in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks. Soap Spoilers 9th-13th January 2017.

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Monday 9th:

Emmerdale – Cain raises his fist at Kyle in a fit of anger, prompting him to make a big decision. Frank steps in to prevent Megan being scammed. Chas plans a surprise birthday party for Charity but hardly anyone bothers to show up. Cain warns Chrissie that he wants her share of the garage or Lachlan will pay the price. Aaron and Robert return home.

Coronation Street – Michelle is taken aback when Robert tells her that he’s in love with her. Later, Michelle suffers a sudden pain. Later, guests gather in the Rovers for Leanne and Michelle’s baby shower party. Eva corner’s Toyah in the ladies’ and reveals she knows about Toyah and Peter’s affair. Elsewhere, Tyrone, Luke and Freddie worry about their jobs, knowing that Kevin has to use money put aside for tax to pay for Sophie’s medical bills. Leanne takes Michelle to the hospital. Aidan’s solicitor advises him that Adam and Peter have a strong case. Aidan later tells Eva that underworld could go bust because of the Barlow boys and she takes matters into her own hands. Tyrone comes up with a plan to increase profits at the garage, but Kevin rejects the idea and the two row. When Tyrone heads home, someone is lurking in the garage, ready to put their plan into action. Sinead becomes furious with Chesney when learns he lied to her, she starts to knock back wine, which has disastrous consequences.

Eastenders – Mick resorts to desperate to come up with money to help Elaine and Linda. Later, after a conversation with Denise Mick comes to a surprising realisation, he tells Shirley that Buster has cheated on her and he thinks it was with Denise. Jack struggles to cope as he learns the truth from the coroner. This leads to a huge argument between Jack and Glenda. Elsewhere, Denise ends the baby shower that Carmel has thrown her early. Also today, Phile returns from hospital.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Adam finds out that Liam is keeping secrets about Darcy. Amy is reported to social services. Neeta makes a breakthrough with Lily.



Tuesday 10th:

Emmerdale – It’s the day of Joanie’s sentencing. Desperate for Chrissie’s share of the garage, Cain pays a visit to Lachlan in prison and tells him to take his advice… or die! Jai decides to help Frank win over Megan. Tracy tries to cheer up a heartbroken Finn.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – After attending her last scan, Denice reveals she is being induced later this week. After Mick’s secret tip-off Shirley starts pushing Denice on who the baby’s father is. Meanwhile, Michelle sneaks off after her farewell party at the Vic.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Liam tells Adam that he knows about Darcy. Amy tries to defend herself, while Ryan gets a lead on who reported her. Nathan plans a private cinema treat for Cleo in the Love Boat, However, Lisa spots them and becomes jealous.



Wednesday 11th:

Emmerdale – Worried for Lachlan’s safety, Chrissie signs over the garage to Cain but is stunned later when Lachlan makes a confession. Ronnie storms out on Lawrence after hearing that he was involved in framing Andy from the very start. Tracy tries to set Finn up with someone new.

Coronation Street – Steve visits Michelle in hospital and finds her upset. Michelle tells him that her waters have broken, but it’s far too early. The Doctor breaks the new to them that Michelle is in labour, but the baby is too underdeveloped to survive. Michelle gives birth to a baby boy, and the midwife pronounces him dead. Meanwhile, bailiffs show up at the gym and start removing equipment. In a bit to stop them Zeedan goes to the factory and demands that Alya hands over the embroidery machine, but she refuses. Elsewhere, Peter decides to drop the claim against the factory. Finally, Andy nervously awaits the delivery of Kevin’s new pick up truck. As he’s about to bottle it Phelan calls him and makes it clear that if his plan fails, Steph will be made suffer.

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Srw finds out about Ryan sleeping with someone else. Lisa confronts Nathan about his cosy night with Cleo. Goldie shows Mercedes the dating app she’s on, but Mercedes is furious when she sees James has a profile. They set up a honey trap to catch him in the act.


Thursday 12th:

Emmerdale – Lachlan arrives in court to learn his fate, Lawrence has decided to take the blame for everything, but Ronnie wants him to reconsider and ends up locking him in to stop him. Nicola is determined to take future interest in the business. Finn is excited for his date but is unaware that the guy is an escort that Tracy has secretly booked for him. Ronnie panics as he thinks that Lawrence has suffered a heart attack. Finn tries to make Kasim jealous with his new “date”. Pierce reacts badly when he sees that Rhona has bought tickets for ‘hunk night’ at the pub.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – After an emotional few weeks in Walford, secrets are set to explode for some of the residents. Meanwhile, Dot worries about her cat.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Lisa wants Nathan to choose between her and Cleo. Someone targets the Dog and Lisa and Mac are locked in the cellar. Nathan returns to The Dog and catches the masked intruder trying to get into the safe. They push past Nathan and race out.



Friday 13th

Emmerdale – Vanessa confiscates Rhona’s phone when Pierce keeps calling her during ‘hunk night’ at the pub. Pierce lurks outside the pub and is shocked when he sees Rhona dancing with one of the hunks. Rebecca uses Ross to take her mind off things when Chrissie stands her up, but Chrissie ends up walking in on them. Robert is unhappy when he heads to work to find Nicola barking orders.

Coronation Street – A devastated Michelle and Steve say goodbye to baby  Ruairi. At Fiz and Anna’s insistence, Kevin and Tyrone bury the hatchet, but Kevin is confused when he gets a call enquiring if he’s happy about his new truck. Elsewhere, Nathan asks Bethany to deliver some salon fliers for him in return for a free spray tan. An angry Kevin realises that someone accessed his email and rearranged the delivery. Freddie, Luke and Tyrone install CCTV at the garage, complete with sound and linked directly to Kevin’s laptop. Later, Phelan heads to the garage to collect his van, Todd approaches and tells him to stop flashing cash around, or people will realise he was behind the building scam. When Phelan learns how Kevin has installed CCTV, he is scared, recalling his earlier conversation with Todd. Also, at the tanning salon, Nathan suggests to Bethany that she should do her A-Levels but take evening classes in beauty therapy.

Eastenders – Denise heads to the hospital to be induced as planned, but she’s surprised when Kim arrives. She decides she wants both Kim and Patrick there while she gives birth. Meanwhile, Whitney and Lee present Mick with  a present for his birthday, but Mick tells Lee to return it as they need the money. Later, Babe turns nasty with Whitney by telling her that she’s ruined Lee’s life.

Hollyoaks (first look) – No spoilers yet.

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