Time Square Diner NYC

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Time Square Diner NYC 

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Affordable, freshly cooked & tasty might not be words that spring to mind when thinking about dining in New York City but this is exactly what we found when eating at Time Square Diner NYC.


All our dishes were freshly prepared, everything we sampled we loved the taste of and most surprising off all, it was really affordable. When in NYC you accept that things will cost that bit more, so we were thrilled to discover Time Square Diner NYC .


We enjoyed it so much on day one, we came back on day, 2, 3 and 4. This was a 2-3 minute walk from our hotel so it made it a super easy choice for Breakfast, they are open 24/7 and they serve an awful lot more than Breakfast but this is the time we visited and each breakfast dish did not fail to impress.




The eggs here are delicious, the omelets light and fluffy, the poached eggs cooked to perfection and don’t dare visit here and not sample their pancakes and there banana blast french toast! This is defiantly more dessert than breakfast but hey it was on the breakfast menu so who are we to question it?!.




We tried their corn beef hash, I had never ever sampled one so I do not have anything to compare it too, but I can tell you the seasoning was perfect and the meat was melt in the moth with a lovely crusty edge to the potatoes.




I can not recommend Time Square Diner NYC highly enough, you can find Time Square Diner here – 807 8th Ave, New York , NY 10019


Don’t take just my word for how amazing this place is, check out the 100’s of 5* reviews on sites like Trip Advisor, this was a super find and when in NYC again I will be visiting here again.




Time Square Diner NYC

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