Tips to reduce cravings and late night snacking

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Tips to reduce cravings and late night snacking

Last week we shared Your simple 3 step Pre Christmas Detox and so many of you got in touch to say you were 100% on board with this but there were two areas that concerned you and came up a lot and this was , help, advice and tips to reduce cravings and late night snacking. So today I am sharing my no1 tip.


The one thing you can do to reduce late night snacking, curb cravings and consume fewer calories throughout the day is introduce a whey protein shake each morning.  It is quick, it is simple and it has so many benefits when looking to lose weight.

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So what will a whey protein shake in the morning do for you?

  • This will suppress your hunger hormone
  • Crush cravings
  • Reduce snacking
  • Ideal “fast food” Breakfast for those who skip this vital meal
  • Increase your weight loss
  • Metabolism Boost
  • Low in saturated fat and digests quickly
  • Increases your energy without stimulants

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I use the Slim Whey Max Shake from Obsession Factory because this is a Irish based company leading the way in health, nutrition and supplements , the chocolate flavour is delicious, and for someone who is guilty of skipping breakfast, this is my “fast food” alternative first thing each day.


The mistake a lot of people make about taking a supplement like this is that is it just for the gym goer looking to bulk out, and while this is the case for those who take this pre, during and post their workouts, it is a great way to lose weight for us non gym goers and will not bulk us out.

You can take your Slim whey max shake 1st thing each day like me or you can take it pre or post work out and as a meal replacement when time is just not on your side.

The reasons to take this pre during and post your workout are

  • Boosts performance for more reps and sets
  • Improves muscle growth
  • Help muscles recover

Slim whey shake is for you is you are looking to reduce cravings and put a stop to those late night snacking dilemmas.

Tips to reduce cravings and late night snacking

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