Tips To Watching Sporting Events In Ireland

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Tips To Watching Sporting Events In Ireland

For anyone visiting Ireland, sports might come up as an interesting attraction or activity. While perhaps not as well known for its sports scene as neighbouring England or some mainland European nations, Ireland has a rich athletic culture as well, which means there are plenty of stadiums to visit and teams to see. In case this might interest any travellers, I wanted to provide a brief, general guide to watching sporting events throughout the country. 

Know The Popular Sports

Plenty of traditional international sports are played and played well in Ireland. However, if you come to the country expecting football and rugby to be the biggest sports, you may find you’re mistaken. Among the most popular sports in Ireland are Gaelic football (similar to rugby but with different rules), hurling (somewhat like field hockey but far more intense), and golf, in addition to football and rugby. Accordingly, these are some of the sports you might want to try to see in person while you’re in Ireland. If anything, the fact that two of the main sports are essentially native should make it all the more thrilling a cultural experience. 

Know Where To Bet

Thanks to a thriving online industry, sports betting is fairly popular in Ireland – particularly as compared to the Americas, if you happen to be coming across the pond. Viewed as a process of finding creative ways to maximize enjoyment  from sporting events, rather than just an attempt to make money, it’s an activity that can be tied to just about any individual competition. By no means does that mean sports betting is required, or even recommended (given that it’s still risky). But it is fairly common, and it helps to look into it a bit if you’re searching for ways to make the sports feel more personal and consequential when you watch. 


Know The Top Stadiums

This, I suspect, is where Ireland might really surprise some people. While even some of the most casual football fans can name some of the famous stadiums in England, a lot of internationals probably don’t realise that Ireland, too, has some stunning venues. Indeed, many are being used in a bid for the Rugby World Cup 2023, which should give you some idea of what to expect. Places like Croke Park, Aviva Stadium, Thomond Park, and others are big, beautiful places to watch various kinds of sporting events, should you get the opportunity to do so.

Watch & Research In Advance

The best way to watch sports in a country not your own is probably to go with a local or at least a real fan. Often, this type of person can help transfer some passion to a newcomer. If that’s not an option though, be sure to watch and research whatever sport or team you’re going to be seeing in advance. It’s simply more fun to spectate in person if you know what you’re getting into, and you may just find you’ll be on your way to becoming a real fan!

This has been kept general intentionally. Ireland is a unique sporting nation and a thrilling one, and the above tips can put you in position to get the most of it on a visit. The specifics of what you’ll see and where depend largely upon which season it is and where you can get tickets. But the above points stand no matter what.  

Tips To Watching Sporting Events In Ireland

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