Trend Alert Co-Ordinates and Matching Sets

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Trend Alert Co-Ordinates and Matching Sets

New season’s mean never ending new trends and for the fashionista’s within us, this is super news, always new items to swoon over and of coarse to critic and more for us fashion bloggers and magazine editors to share with you. So we love new trends and today we are in love with this Trend Alerts Co – Ordinates and Matching Sets.

Not quite pay day but with today being Blue Monday we thought, lets look forward, lets look forward to pay day, lets plan those day day splurges and fill those wish list baskets.

River Island in my opinion are one of the best high street stores for bring us the top trends from the catwalks, they push the boundaries and are always ahead of the high street game.










Today all the looks are coming from River Island but give it a few weeks and all the rest will follow as they always do.

Once upon a time matching sets and co-ordinates were frowned upon but not any more, embrace this fabulous Trend Alert / Co-Ordinates and Matching Sets.

From the first glance I have to admit, I really like this trend. I think it will be a big hit with all you too. What do you think? Do you like this matchy matchy trend? will we all have matching accessories and matching shoes and bags to go with this?. Who knows. That’s what is so wonderful about fashion, It is forever changing and it is forever fabulous. What we love today we may cringe at tomorrow. I look at pictures from holiday’s and events 5, 6, 7 years ago and I think to myself, what in the name of god was I wearing, yet at the time I felt amazing. Fashion really is funny like that but for now I am going to enjoy this Trend Alert Co-ordinates and Matching Sets.

<3 Clare with the Hair <3

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