Trend Alert! Fur Accessories

Written by ClareWithTheHair

Trend Alert! Fur Accessories

The newest trend to hit the shops is faux fur accessories! I’ve looked around some of my favorite shops to show you all the fluffy things they have to offer. The items featured in this post have come Missguided, River Island, BooHoo, NewLook and Lipsy.

Now if your thinking this trend is too over the top or not for you your wrong! Add a little pop of colour to you handbags with these adorable over sized fur pompoms. The blue and Grey ones are €5 from BooHoo and the multicolored one in the middle is €11.20 from MissGuided


Another subtle but beautiful way to wear fur is on a a black heel, all of these are from MissGuided. From left to right they are €42, €42, €28, €42, €42.


If your looking for a shoe that isn’t black here are some cute examples. These are all still from MissGuided (from left to right) they are €42, €42, €28, €49.


River island have also got some gorgeous pompom heels, they are a bit dearer than the one from missguided but if you want a showstopping unique shoe they are worth it! (from left to right) they are €95, €100, €95.




Another beautiful way to accessories with fur is with bags. The pink one is €51.62 from Lipsy and the white one is €19.99 from New Look.


If you don’t want fluffy shoes or bags why not try some fur cuffs or a fur collar? These are all from BooHoo. The cuffs would be a great addion to a long sleeve top or dress, they are €9 and come in a wide range of colours. I love the collar and it is only €7.



And if you still need some more faux fur accessories after all that why not pick up this fluffy phone case at MissGuided for €11.20 or this cute pompom choker from New Look for €4.99.


I absolutely love this trend and I hope you do to. Its great because its so versatile, it just dresses any look and makes it so girly.

Trend Alert! Fur Accessories was brought to you by Ellen Mullins x

<3 Clare with the Hair <3 


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