TV License to Double from €160 to €320

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TV License to Double from €160 to €320 

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If RTE bosses get their way we could see our TV License to Double from €160 to €320. Dee Forbes claims the current cost of the TV  cost of the TV license if incredible value for money, given the programs they broadcast.

Dee is the new director general at RTE and she said compared with others we pay very little. The more coming in the better quality of programming being created.

She told Sean O’Rouke on RTE Radio: “The license fee is 40c a day. I think that is incredible value for money, quiet honestly I think it should be double that.

“If you look at places like Scandinavian markets where their license fee is over double that and you see what you are getting for that, quiet honestly the content is singing.

Forbes went on to say she hopes to focus on reform of the collection system to lower rates of evasion.

In Italy the license fee is added to your electric costs, could this be the kind of reform Dee is looking at?

Do you watch RTE ? and do you feel you get value for your €160 per year?

So how do you feel about this?

TV License to Double from €160 to €320

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  • No we don’t get value for our money, nothing new in ages, repeats all the time. At Christmas we are watching the same programmes for the last God knows how long.

  • You cannot compare Scandinavian prices with Irish prices as you are not comparing like with like. The cost of living is higher in Scandinavia and so are the wages. Personally I think €160 is quite steep so the thought of this being doubled is horrendous!

  • Double the cost of the TV licence! If someone actually got the finger out and got moulas off those who don’t have a licence at all instead of crucifying us who already do have a licence and pay it yearly
    what happened the idea of bringing in a universal licence for all types of media, that covers phones, pcs, laptops and tvs. You don’t have to have a TV and aerial to watch TV
    lastly for those who have Sky TV why should they pay twice for viewing tv?

  • That’s a joke we don’t even watch that crap really fair city and all the other shit view for money my arse I pay for sky because it’s mostly repeats on. most people can’t afford 160 never mind doubling it. I only have the TV for the kids.

  • Half the country cant pay for there TV License as it is and you here of them been locked up for not been able to pay for it I think this is a big joke if the do double the price of it there will be a lot of people in court then looked up or people will just get rid of there TV don’t think there will be much jobs left in RTE then!!!!

  • Well if rte stops paying Ryan toberdy and pat Kenny crazy wages and pay them a fair price it wouldn’t drain the coffers so much!! Hey miss Forbes how much are u getting paid out of that TVs license money! We are paying for crap we have lost the 6 nations, the f1, the Heineken cup , the Guinness pro 12 , the rugby World Cup just to name a few over the last few year!!Oh the rights to international soccer friendly’s can’t even watch our own country play unless we have sky sports. And now rte want to double the price!! And look people aren’t stupid the government are trying to bring in a broadcast license but if they do that anyone that streaming online will not have to pay any of the tv license because it goes to rte and they don’t pay anything towards online content or offer services like being a internet provider!! The internet is free because the man who invented the Internet gave it to the world and any government would have a great day in court with that one. Oh yes I know people are thinking we have to pay for Internet and yes we do but we pay the provider to get us access to the Internet platforms!! So why would our new broadcast license money still go to rte surely it should go to the Internet providers!!!

  • Dee Forbes is looking for it to be raised to 320 in the hope of getting something probably in the region of 250, wheeler dealer type stuff.
    What RTE really need to do is clear out all the over paid “presenters” like Tubridy, Duffy and the like, none of these are worth anything near what they’re paid by RTE/US

  • I am apalled that we were charged for owning a TV. AS we pay for the TV itself, pay set up costs and then receive dreadful programs that we dont watch! In other countries, BBC, ABC are Government owned and they pay for the equivalent of them and services are paid for from taxation. Why so different here?? We are already paying for something we have purchased… Why RTE are you charging people for this??? If you are charging people a fee what does the fee pay for?? The money accrued from advertising would pay more than enough to run a channel. There is no accountability from RTE about where the money goes. Not fair and unwarranted… like the water debacle!! Crazy to even consider paying this

  • Get rid of dee r else rte cause its bullshit anyway repeat after repeat the only good thing that’s on it at the moment was dancing with the stars now tats over so is yer ratings so for the hipe on TV licence’s forget it I’ll get rid of the TV before I pay anymore rte sell up and let tv3 take over after all there the better stations

  • Can’t even remember the last time I watched something on RTE. The shows are awful unless its a movie or amerocan show, which arent even made by RTE. Tge dont cover the real news topics and just pick and choose what they want. Complete waste of money as it is. Doubling it would be ridiculous.

  • If I wanted to pay Scandinavian or Italian prices then I’d go and live in those respective countries, but she has a nerve considering the dribble that RTE has the neck to charge for. They should be left to get by on the revenue they get from advertising.

  • She said she thinks it’s worth double…..Not that it will be doubled! That takes legislation, not the whim of the director general.

  • TV licence + broadband + sky i pay all of thees and do not even watch rte , to be honest i think if you pay a Sky subscription the Tv licence should be included.

    some people only have laptops and still by the licence as its now a broadcasting licence.
    so i think RTE are getting a good deal as people dont even watch there programming

  • Someone call the mothership to take Dee Forbes back to her home planet.. “Daft Heffa’ from the ‘Brains in your arse’ cluster”

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