Women who Juggle it All

Written by ClareWithTheHair

Women who Juggle it All

We live in a world where not only do us ladies do it all but we do it without the world seeing us break a sweat. To the ladies slaying it in the workplace and juggling children, family, friends and a demanding social life, to all you ladies who manage many facets in your world we salute you.

As a working lady with many responsibilities I sometimes find the balance between work and home a challenge, sometimes life isn’t on my side and things go wrong, one of the children might be sick , my parents take poorly, I have a blazing row with himself indoors, there can be many reason’s for a day going wrong but when it comes to work, you have no choice, you have a role to play and no matter what happens outside of work, when you walk through the company door’s, your game face needs to be on. Meetings will not wait for you to pull yourself together, you can not allow your work to suffer because of something that happened at home.

For many of us ladies, putting the right outfit on, wearing a strong powerful lipstick and slipping into those stiletto’s can totally change our mood, we can go from absolute wreck to boardroom boss in an instant. The game face appears and the job gets done, no question, you are standing tall, speaking clearly and you own it.


Learning to segment your roles like this really helps both in the workplace and outside of it. Too many of us can’t leave work at work when we are trying to enjoy ourselves and relax and we can’t leave home at home when we need to focus and get a job done.

Find what works so that you can segment your life. Many ladies will head to a salon/spa and get a treatment to help switch off, so many meet friends for a quick catch up between office and home while others enjoy exercise after work, these can all be really useful after a pressurised, full on day. It clears the mind and it allows for you to go home and enjoy your time away from work too.

For many ladies, roles such as running to the school if a child is taken poorly or if a parent is unwell and they need taken care off, fall on women and this is not saying that they do not want these roles but for many it is an automatic role, they are not given a choice. School’s will often phone mum 1st and only if they can not reach mum will they attempt to contact dad and this is pretty typical for many of us, even though many parent’s both work full time for some reason the school will always look to contact mum to come in if before they will make contact with dad. Why is this, Do we not value women’s position’s in work at the same level we value men’s, or are women just better at juggling it all?

Ladies you are amazing beings, you are the glue, you are the strength and you are the force to make sure things get done.

Remember you are busy and you do a lot in the day, so learn to segment your roles and take time to mind you, even if this is just for a 20 minute cup of tea by yourself each day.

<3 Clare with the Hair <3 


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