Your simple 3 step Pre Christmas Detox

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Your simple 3 step Pre Christmas Detox

Look there is no point denying ourselves a bit of what we love over the Christmas season, however in order to see you through the late nights, tonnes of food and more than a few glasses of booze, you need to get yourself ready now, otherwise you will hit January with zero energy, feeling sluggish, probably catching every cold and bug going and you will most likely have gained a few lbs along the way. So here is Your simple 3 step Pre Christmas Detox.

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So today I am sharing this, You simple 3 step Pre Christmas Detox. This will rid you of all those nasties that cause you to lack energy, the reason you’re struggling to get through the day and fit in all the tasks you should get done.

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Detoxing has so many benefits and from the very 1st time you try one you will see the difference.

Here are just some of the reason’s you should take on our 3 step Pre Christmas Detox

  • Rid your body of excess waste
  • Aid your weight loss
  • Boost your energy
  • Improve your skin
  • Healthy body = Healthy mind
  • Makes you feel better
  • Improves your thinking
  • Anti-ageing benefits
  • Less bloated and lighter feeling

So what are your 3 steps?

  1. Eat cleaner – cut out the take outs and processed foods, avoid cakes, sweets, chocolate and go back to basics and cook lean meats, eat fish, bake your potatoes and steam your veggies.
  2. Take a supplement to aid your journey – I use the Carb Blocker from Obsession Factory as when taken 20 minutes before my meals it reduces the carbs I absorb. Perfect for a day when you just need those carbs! There are a few others and I will list them below for you.
  3. Drink water – lots of water, if you could drink 2-3 liters each and every day, no alcohol, try to have as little tea and coffee and no fizzy drinks.

Trust me follow this 3 step Pre Christmas Detox and you will feel full of energy, you will look amazing in your party dresses, plus your skin and hair will look clear and bright.


One of the things I struggle with is staying on track with any program, and I do fall off the waggon so to speak and this is why I take the Carb Blocker from Obsession Factory, I use this brand based on the fact that they are Irish and I would be wary of ordering from foreign sites for supplements and based on the amazing recommendations I was given. I can not recommend them highly enough and right now they are offering you, the Clare with the hair readers an exclusive 20% off across all of the products on their website, not just the supplements I am talking about here.

The other supplements I referred to above that are made in Ireland were

  • Detox and Colon Cleanse – Taken 30 minutes before meals. Eliminates the buildup of waste and toxins from your digestive system leaving you feeling energised and balanced.
  • Milk Thistle Liver Detox – A natural herb that has been proven to protect the liver from the effects of toxins such as alcohol. It has the added benefits of improving blood sugar levels and contains anti-aging properties.

Why I choose the Carb blocker was

  1. Scientifically proven to help reduce carb absorption ( Something I seem to crave)
  2. Prevents excess calories from being stored (yes to this)
  3. Decreases fat and overall body weight (oh yes please)
  4. Helps suppress appetite (One of my biggest issues, portion size and this really helps me)
  5. Reduces stress hormones so you can train longer
  6. Improves insulin sensitivity


If you check out the website you can read the full list of benefits for each of the supplements mentioned, also some additional tips, advice and read some of their wonderful reviews.

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I have based this on a four-week Detox however you should always aim to eat less take out, avoid processed foods, take a supplement and drink a lot of water all the time, in an ideal world this would be great, however start with 4 weeks and let’s take it from there.

Your simple 3 step Pre Christmas Detox


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