2020 The Year We Will Never Forget

Written by ClareWithTheHair

2020 for many of us has been a rollercoaster of a year so far and this rollercoaster does not look like it will end anytime soon. 2020 The Year We Will Never Forget for so many reasons. Who could have known while we celebrated Christmas and looked forward to the New Year in 2019 what kind of year we were about to face?

Personally I have lost people, I have been unable to visit people, my career is in tatters and I am very worried about my work future, my children have lost people, missed out on many life stages and events, missed time with family, friends and had to try an adapt to a new kind of learning at home. While to many this is not that big it has still affected our moods, our hopes and our dreams, we have had days where we feel we can do this and days where we feel absolutely hopeless.

I have watched friends loose loved ones, I have seen the torture of others unable to visit very unwell parents, I have seen parents feel useless because they could not get a handle on home-schooling. For each one of us we have lost the freedom to come and go as we please. The vast majority of us have kept staycations to a minimum, we have taken the decision to not pop in on family and friends for a cuppa and a catch up, we have cancelled overseas travel and we have tried our very best to follow the advise in the hope this will end soon.


We have all seen those who flout the advice, those who ignore social distancing rules for the selfie, those who jet off to the sun and those who simple don’t seem to care whatsoever.

And while it is hard to carry on following the advise when you see this, it is so important that you still follow the advise as best you can, if the majority of people do what is needed then hopefully those who simply do not care will be embarrassed enough to follow.

Sunday 04/10/2020 there was a leak to the media that we may be facing the country heading into Level 5 lockdown, this news honestly floored me, I am here at 3.30pm still awaiting any official confirmation as are you all. This is a real shock and makes me extremely concerned for my job. I am a single mum, I am the only provider to my girls, I have to work.

I do hope that those who are simply ignoring the rules begin to listen and if we all work together, we might see an end to this.

2020 The Year We Will Never Forget

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