Avoca under pressure over its ownership of Direct Provision centers

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When I think about Avoca I think boutique, I think supporting Irish producers of food, fashion, homewear and more, I think delicious desserts and glorious lunches BUT never in wildest dreams did I think that the Company who owns Avoca would also be the owner of Direct Provision Centers.

Take the time to watch this video from The Irish Times

Direct Provision centers were designed to house asylum seekers for a period of 6 months, but as we know many spend years in complete limbo. Unable to work, unable to claim social welfare, unable to access free 3rd level education but they are provided with a basic level of accommodation, sometimes old hostels, caravan parks and hotels, and very poor meals, not the type of situation you think of when you think of a company like Avoca, right?

The state pay private contractors including the company who own Avoca 50million a year to run these centers.


Over the last number of weeks we have seen the turmoil those about the sit the Leaving Cert felt, the uncertainty, the stress, the fear for their future but imagine you are a great student, all your class mates tell you that you’ll fly through the leaving (I know things are different this year) , you could get the points for any course you wanted but because you live in Direct Provision your education ends here. You are not allowed to apply for free fees, your parents are in receipt of less that €20 a week so paying is not an option but because you had to flee your country and be at the mercy of another country you are just not treated fairly.

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Once upon a time we treated unmarried mothers and children of unmarried mothers like worthless citizens and look how that ended.

Avoca under pressure over its ownership of Direct Provision centers.

I saw a tweet about the protest residents had in relation to the poor treatment in these centers and in particular the poor quality of food, this is ironic from a company like Avoca who provide fresh, quality food daily in their cafe’s, so they know how to but they clearly choose not to for these asylum seekers, some of whom have been in this limbo land for years, 6,7,8 and more years.

Over the years I have eaten in Avoca a lot, but that ends now, I can not show support for a company who for profit is happy to treat people so poorly.

While checking out the validity of the tweet that inspired this post I discovered that Avoca is owner by Aramark and that got me looking at Aramark and let me tell you, this company is not a company I wish to line the pockets of but that is for another day.

Now we must stop the unjust treatment of those living in Direct Provision, it is a rotten way to treat people and it is just wrong.

Avoca under pressure over its ownership of Direct Provision centers.

There is a lot more information of how we can all help here

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