In the blink of an eye Life can lob a great big curve ball

In the blink of an eye Life can lob a great big curve ball
Written by ClareWithTheHair

In the blink of an eye Life can lob a great big curve ball

Like many of you I have often thought that life can be very cruel at times, everything can be going incredibly well and then all of a sudden In the blink of an eye Life can lob a great big curve ball and all that you had planed gets thrown up in the air.

Today I am sharing Jade’s Sarcoma Journey (Link to her story)

I have followed Jade for 18 months to 2 years on Snapchat and Instagram and from the get go, I loved watching her daily updates, she is just one of those people who made you laugh, who make you question things and who’s so bright and positive you always leave her story a happier person. Jade shares it all but in the nicest way, she is beyond bright, had had the most wonderful jobs and is absolutely stunning but she is also humble and very kind.

In the blink of an eye Life can lob a great big curve ball

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Jade is just 22 years old and she is fighting for her life, not a situation any 22 year old person should find themselves in.

The 15th March 2018 is when life threw the mother of all curve balls at Jade, she was diagnosed with a really rare cancer: Leiomysarcoma, she was advised to give up work and college and rest while they decided on scan dates and treatment plan. This is where you might help, Jade is out of work and she needs all the help that she can get (link to her go fund me)

If you head over and follow Jade on Instagram (Link Here)

Support / Share Jades Go Fund Me 

Jade has been helping others by sharing her story but she also needs your help, she needs to find a hospital (anywhere in the world) that can ensure she has a long life yet. If you have time to check out her story on the Go fund Me Page LINK and/or Instagram LINK and you have anything that you feel might help, if you know someone getting treatment somewhere in the world for Leiomysarcoma, then please get in touch and let Jade know, if you have time to research this would help to.

The ways in which you can support Jade

  • Donate some €’s Go Fund Jade
  • Share Jade’s Story
  • Send in any advise / knowledge you might have
  • Time to research Leiomysarcoma

In the blink of an eye Life can lob a great big curve ball

Jade very kindly answered a few question that are shared below:

Q1: How are you? And how do you begin to comprehend what is happening to you?

Jade: To be honest and I don’t know whether I’m mad or just very accepting, but I’m actually grand. Of course it’s a hard time but I try to stay as positive as I can for my family. I want to have good memories and positive vibes. I also understand that screaming and shouting and moaning isn’t gonna change anything at all. I can make a difference with this and I’d much rather do some good than wallow in self pity. Maybe I’m too stubborn but that’s the approach that my body and mental health has naturally kinda taken.

Q2: From first feeling something wasn’t right, how long did it take to get a diagnosis?

Jade: It took me 3 months for Holles Street to do a biopsy. 3 months of repetitive visits and hounding them!

Q3: You are so young, so what was it that made you question something might not be right?

Jade: Cancer is prevalent in my family and my Dad had it when he was not much older than me. So I definitely was worried when the antibiotics didn’t clear the ‘cyst’ and I was feeling extra tired etc.

Q4: How rare is the Sarcoma that you have?

Jade: Only 2 people were diagnosed with my sarcoma last year. Unfortunately, Ireland doesn’t have the population or funding to conduct the needed research for sarcomas in general. I wish it were different- not that I want more people to have it, but one life should be enough to save!

Q5: Do you feel angry that this is happening to you?

Jade: I’m not angry at human error. People make mistakes and I understand that somethings can be missed. I’m angry at the Irish system because plain and simply, people are in positions of authority that shouldn’t be! Leiomyosarcoma is a soft tissue cancer. The womb is a soft tissue- as we all know. So why wasn’t the leading gynaecology hospital aware of this rare cancer? That’s there job as ‘educated professionals’. Ireland’s system of ‘who you know’ has gone way too far and it’s costing people their lives, So yes, I’m angry at the system. But no individual.

Q6: What would you like from those wanting to support you?

Jade: Just for them to keep talking about it and asking me questions! I never want this to happen to anyone else and if that’s all I can change in my lifetime then that is enough. Money and funding etc. is obviously a huge part of my potential life and recovery. But the truth is, this probably will get me in the end. I just don’t want it to be in vain. If I can help someone on the way, then my job is done.

Q7: Have you decided on a treatment plan going forward?

Jade: No decision on a treatment plan yet. At the moment, I’m vegan and using all the alternative treatment I can from home. I’ve got my port in so I’m ready to go with conventional treatment. But as far as where I’ll get that or which one, I’m still seeking second, third and hundredth opinion.

Q8: Your dad is an absolute tonic on your story, how is he? Trying to stay strong for him and you must be hard, but he comes across so positive and just lovely.

Jade:  Dad is good! He’s more than half way through his chemo. Our relationship and how close we are has saved us both on bad days. We are each others rock! We just understand each other like nobody else possibly could right now. But he’s a true inspiration. His treatment isn’t easy but he shows me how it has to be done.

Q9: What were your plans in life prior to diagnosis? And how have these changed for you?

Jade:  My plan was to graduate and move to New York! I had my visa booked and everything! But life got in the way. Dad got diagnosed and I reconsidered my move. Then I met Bren. Then I got diagnosed and sure I had to stay then! It’s been madness really. I cancelled my visa, college wouldn’t allow me to finish if I didn’t sit my final exams- which I couldn’t! I also couldn’t pay the fees! So that went out the window! I was working in TV3 but had to leave for treatment. I had no idea what was waiting for me, I had it all planned in my head. Life doesn’t work like that though. Lesson learned!


Q10: What is the current prognosis?

Jade: My prognosis is not good. Basically, if they can shrink everything or even keep it the same size, I will live with this cancer as a chronic illness. I’ll always have the tumours but I will live normally and hopefully painless and symptomless as I am. But, if treatment doesn’t work, I’ll die within two years. I’ve accepted this twisted fate for whatever reason. It just resonated with me as soon as I was told. That’s life’s lemons. I have been lucky up to this point, maybe it’s a weird balance.

I’m just grateful for all of my positives. Because although my lifetime MAY be short, it’s been packed with amazing things. I’ve an amazing family, I’ve met someone that I’m so in love with, I’ve always been healthy, I got a good education and a good job. I’ve been so blessed. And that’ll do me.

Plus, this experience has taught me more than people learn in 100 years. Some people live long lives without a grateful or happy bone in their bodies. I can now appreciate every moment. And technically I live life no different to anybody else. Nobody knows what’s going to happen tomorrow! Sure anybody can be hit by a bus or drop dead from SIDS or whatever the case may be. So just because a doctor said, doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what will happen. Nobody has a crystal ball.


These were hard questions for Jade to answer and to share with us, so thank you, it means a lot that you trusted me to share them.

As you can see from ever answer that Jade gave, she is one special lady and she has everything to live for and right now she needs money to take on this fight, please if you have €5 or €500 to give, then please give this to Jade. GO FUND HER

Jade you are amazing and don’t you ever forget that.

In the blink of an eye Life can lob a great big curve ball

In the blink of an eye Life can lob a great big curve ball

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