Clare’s Mexican Memories

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Clare’s Mexican Memories

These long, cold winter nights have me think a lot about the many holiday’s I have been lucky enough to go on and the wonderful foods that I have sampled along the way, this is where today Clare’s Mexican Memories recipe comes from, it is my take on a dish that I have no official name for on my trip to Cancun Mexico, I have called it Clare’s Mexican Memories because it brings back such warm lovely memories and it is a perfect dish for a winters night. For this any many other recipes visit


Serves 4

Preparation 20 minutes

Total time 50




To Make 

1/ Put the Carrots, Onions, Garlic, Ginger and chili into a food processor, blitz until the carrot pieces are no bigger than the minced beef, add to a dry pan and cook on a med heat for 5-6 minutes, add your beef and cook until browned, ten add the taco seasoning and soya sauce. You might need to add a splash of water if the mix is very dry at this point.

2/ Peel & chop the potatoes, mix with the olive oil, salt, pepper & paprika, place on a lined baking sheet and place in a hot over for 25-30 minutes.

3/ For the white sauce, place the butter in a sauce pan, melt and add the flour, cook for 1-2 minutes and slowly add the milk, mixing to avoid lumps, add the milk until the sauce is like a thick but pouring custard consistence.


4/ Grate the cheese

5/ Place the taco shells onto a lined baking sheet, add a spoon of white sauce, a little cheese, fill with the mince beef mixture and top with another spoon of white sauce and cheese.

6/ Place in the oven for 10 minutes, for the taco shell to harden a little and the cheese to melt.

Serve with the baked chips and a side salad.

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