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Danielle’s top 10 Favorite YouTubers

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Danielle’s top 10 Favorite YouTubers 


1 Tyler Oakley is a male youtuber from America who has over 8 million subscribers! I picked him because not only is he an amazing comedy vlogger but he also does tons of callobs with loads of other big youtubers!

2. Nikkie tutorials is a 20 year old youtuber from Holland who has nearly 3 million subscribers and does mostly very dramatic makeup tutorials that arent very practical for every day but there still very fun to watch and i do take certain tips that she uses.

3. Danisnotonfire (Dan Howell) has over 5 million subscribers and on this channel he makes funny videos and vlogs. He also has a gaming channel with best friend Amazingphil called ‘danandphilgames’. He and Phil also present their own radio show on Radio1 He has a side channel called ‘danisnotinteresting’ too where he posts some other quick, random videos.

4. Amazingphil (Phil Lester) has over 3 million subscribers and posts very funny videos and lots of callobs with lots of other youtubers including one of his best friends Dan from danisnotonfire! they have a gaming channel together called danandphilgames where they play lots of new and old video games.


5. Sortedfood is a collaborative channel run by four very funny guys. What makes them so fun to watch What makes them so fun to watch is they’re individual personalities and the amazing food they make. They have hundreds of amazing videos and over 1.5 million subscribers. Sorted food has to be my favorite food channel on YouTube, so if you love great food and banter look them up.

6. Bananajamana has over 100,000 subcribers and posts lots of cute art/ baking/ vlog video. Everything she makes is super cute and very Diseny inspired, Eveyone should go check out her art videos because they are amazing and she deserves so much more subscribers!

7. Shaaanxo is 23 years old and from New Zealand. She makes fantastic beauty and fashion videos. She does stunning makeup tutorials and has over 2 million subscribers She also has a side channel where she just does vlogs and that channel has over 400,000 subscribers. So if your looking for some makeup/ fashion tip you should definitely check her out.

8. Troye Sivan is probably one of them most talented youtubers around. He is an Australian YouTuber, Actor and Singer. He makes mostly funny vlogs and has over 4 million subscribers on his main channel and a vevo channel with over 1 million. His debut album ‘Blue Neighborhood’ is out now and he will be starting his UK/European tore in Dublin on April 15th.

9. Zoella is probably the most well known popular UK youtubers, and for good reason. Her happy girly personality paired with great beauty/lifestyle vlog style videos has gained her over 10 million subscribers.

10. Jack& Dean are a UK comedy duo that make hilarious sketches. They have nearly 500,000 subscribers. They also have their own separate vlog channels, Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs. They are so funny so if your not subscribed to them you need to be.


So there you have it Danielle’s top 10 Favorite YouTubers  and why.

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