Ellen’s Rosewater & Almond Drizzle Cake

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Ellen’s Rosewater & Almond Drizzle Cake

The Great British Bake off kicked off this week and we were glued to the screens. So with all our love for the show and our love of food, we have decided to pick one style out of the three the contestants have each week to inspire us and create a fabulous bake to share with you. So today we tick the drizzle cake box with Ellen’s Rosewater & Almond Cake.

We would also love you to get involved. Send us your pictures and recipes and we will feature the best right here on Clare with the Hair.


This is a light, tasty, moist and really delicious cake that I would say is pretty east to create, not simple like a rice cake but none the less it is not too hard.


For the sponge

6oz Self-raising flour

6oz Caster Sugar

2oz Ground Almonds

4oz Butter

2 medium Eggs

4 tbsp Milk

1 tsp Vanilla extract


For the Drizzle

90g Granulated Sugar

45ml Water

4-5 drops of Rosewater

For the Icing / Decoration

100g Icing Sugar

3tbs Water

Drop of rose food colouring

25g Chopped Almonds

Pink sugar crystals



1/ Cake batter: Blend the sugar and butter together until pale and fluffy, add in the eggs and mix well, add in the milk , vanilla and rose water and then sift in the flour and almonds and fold in.

2/ Line a 2lb loaf tin and pour in the batter, place in the center of a pre heated oven at 180 and cook for 25-30 minutes. No two oven will be identical so place keep an eye and once golden in colour stick a skewer in the center and if it comes out clean, your cake is cooked.


3 / For the Drizzle: Place the water and sugar in a saucepan and bring to the boil, let it reduce and thicken a little, then remove from the heat and once slightly cooled add the rose water.

4/ Once you cake is cooked, place on a wired rack for a few minutes to allow it to cook. Allow the drizzle to cool a little also and then poke holes in the cake. Slowly pour over the drizzle, let the 1st bit soak in and then add more.

5/ For the icing: Mix together the icing sugar, rose colour and water together, pour over the cake and top with the chopped nuts and sugar crystals.


All that is left to do is stick the kettle on for some tea and enjoy!

This recipe was created by Ellen

Ellen’s Rosewater & Almond Drizzle Cake

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