Food and Activity Plan 2020

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So today the 03/01/2020 I am sharing my Food and Activity Plan 2020. This is a plan based on my want to get more active, to feel fitter, to be stronger and to make better food choices.

I will share my meal plans each week and I will also try many different activities including weights, walking, spinning etc.


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For me every good plan starts with a list and today I am going to check what is in the cupboards and freezer and build my weeks meal plan based on what I have and of coarse we will be making it as healthy as possible. (I am not an expert, this is just my own plan)

This is an example of the meal plan I will post each week

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The Plan is to:

Drink 8 Glasses of Water each day

Order no Takeaways

Eat smarter, smaller portions and more vegetables (I will be calorie counting, this is my personal choice and once again I am not an expert)

Cut out any alcohol drinking at home and make smarter choice when out.

Take up four 30 minute workouts per week.


I will share tips on how to fit in the water, activities etc with each post. I will share my weekly meal plan each week (day to be decided , I will add a question box on Instagram Stories and see what day works best) If you need help with any of the recipes I use then just ask and I will send these on to you.

I am planning on doing this from now until the summer, I will have “cheat days” but overall I plan to eat better and move more.


Let me know if there is anything you’d like me to add to my Food and Activity Plan 2020.

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