Fool Proof Tanning Tips you need to know

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Fool Proof Tanning Tips you need to know

We are all well aware of the dangers caused by the sun but we still all crave a golden glow hence the explosion of the fake tanning market, but application, choosing the right formula and wear off seem to be a big issue for many so today I am sharing my Fool Proof Tanning Tips you need to know to ensure you look gorgeous, golden and the wear off is even and never patchy.

The first thing you need to know is your skin type, are you somewhat dry? maybe you have an oily skin type, and believe it or not, this actually matters when choosing a tanning formula.


What formulas do fake tans come in?








What fake tan formula is right for you?

Oil’s are brilliant for anyone but especially gorgeous if you have a drier skin type, they are nourishing and leave your skin silky smooth. My personal favorite is the Tan Organic tanning oil (see all Tan Organic HERE)

Tanning Liquids are again great for all skin types but some people find the application tricky however this is one of my personal favorite formulas and my number one tannin liquid is from BPerfect and I absolute love their medium coconut shade, (See all BPerfect tans HERE)


Water, tanning water I love if I am applying tan to my face but I also love it for the feet and hands, you can apply a light mist and you can build it up, some people don’t like the fact a tanning water has no guide color but I love them as I have an oily face and any creams, gels etc can clog my skin. My number one tanning water is from EcoTan, I began using this over 20 years ago (before fake tan was a thing) and it has remained one of my all time favorites. (check out Eco Tan Here)

Gel tanning products are lovely because they give you a great guide color and they are typically loved by those looking for a instant tan, they don’t want the tan to develop etc they want the tan now! I actually do not have a number one tanning gel as it is not a formula I use too often and can’t really advise on the best one!


Tanning lotions are kinda your mid way point form a liquid and a mouse, some people find the application of a liquid tricky, however if your skin is somewhat dry then a mouse can cling and not wear well. Many instant tans come in a lotion formula and my number one lotion formula is the BBold in the medium shade, it is gorgeous (see all BBold tans HERE)

Mousse is probably one of the most popular tanning formulas as it is the easiest to apply but of your have any dry area’s this formula clings and the wear off is not good. I love this formula myself and I have two favorites, one if BPerfect and I love this in the dark (probably the only dark tan I truly love because it wears lovely and the color is a gorgeous brown, never orange or fake looking, it is fabulous) The other tanning mousse I love in the Dropping Gold by SuSue, it is so easy to apply but in this one I love the medium shade, I find the wear off from the dark does not work for me at all. (See Dripping Gold HERE)


What shades do fake tans come in?






Ultra Dark


Now the Fool Proof Tanning Tips you need to know

The most important step to any great tan application is the preparation, first step is to exfoliate and do any shaving the day before, if your skin is particularly dry or problematic then begin the explanation a few days ahead. I like to use an oil free exfoliation product.

Day of tanning, apply your tan with a tanning mitt and apply in light circular motions. I like to apply a light layer and then the next day apply a second light layer but if applying just one layer, apply and wear a loose night shirt or something that will allow the tan to dry and develop. Leave for a few hours or overnight.

Then shower off the tan using just water, do not use a shower gel, once showered pat dry.

I apply a light layer of body lotion but many people wait until day two to apply body lotion.

To get the best out of your tan do not rub when drying after a shower and apply body lotion daily, the wear off will look natural and never patchy.

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Fool Proof Tanning Tips you need to know

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