I Will Not Date Dads

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For full transparency in my What is dating like in 2020? I should add the things that are a no go for me. The things that would stop me accepting a date with a guy. This is the start of my list, you may have other likes/dislikes but for me this is it. I Will Not Date Dads.

Now I am a mum and before you jump the gun, please let me explain what I mean here.

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I do not want to date a man who has young children and while this seems a little crazy considering I am a mum I have a few reason’s for this and when you read them you might see where I am coming from.

First of all I will date Dads as long as the children are in the double digits.

I have seen over the years many friends who dated men with young children and one of two things happened. They became free childcare for the guy or they fell in love with the children and when the relationship ended they were heartbroken to loose the children they had spent a lot of time with and loved a lot.


I do not want to love a child that I could loose, I would rather not put myself in that position, I am a very caring person, I adore kiddies and I would end up very hurt by some of the break ups friends have had.

Also I feel young children have enough going on with parents who are not together but trying their best to co parent to have another “parent” in their lives.

So when it comes to dating I Will Not Date Dads or at least dads to young children.

My children are grown up, I don’t want to be looking after small children, I want to holiday as I please, eat out when I like without the issue of childcare. I lived that part of my life and I loved every single second but I have no desire to do it again.

So in a nut shell I love my life, I want a man who will add to the life I have, I do not want to be a child minder, I do not want to fall in love with a child for them to be taken away and I want to come and go as I please without the worry of childcare.

For those of you with grown up children, would you date a man with small children? how do you feel about dating dads?


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