The Journey to Escaping your Abuser

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The Journey to Escaping your Abuser

The journey to escaping your abuser is never going to be easy, but the day you decide that this person never cared, could never have loved you, who never had a happy ending in their sights you know there is no future in the “relationship” and you must begin The Journey to Escaping your Abuser.


You may still be in the abusive relationship or you maybe years out the other side but one thing I will tell you is, getting this toxic, evil, nasty, abusive person out of your home will be the best thing you ever did and I know it isn’t easy, I am only 9 months the other side myself and I have had some pretty grim days because you loved them, you invested in a life with someone and you wanted the happy ever after and to admit to yourself that this was never going to happen and to accept they not only abused you but they also took your time and of all things time is something we can’t get back is hard, you loved, you wished for the happy ending and all you ever were was target for this (in my case) “man” to torture and abuse. It is hard to see it, it is even harder to admit it and it will never be easy to walk away, but you must, for your sanity, for your life, you must get this abuser out of your life.


A Turning Point

You will get to a point where you see this abuser for what they are and realise that there’re a liar, a fraud and a rather pathetic individual who failed to develop emotionally and when you get to this point, don’t ever go back, don’t ever believe the sad texts, the “I’m lonely” messages, the soppy songs they send you because you see, they also know you have reached this point and you can see them for what they are, and all these messages are about is control, they want you back under their abusive spell, so whatever you do don’t fall for it.

This time last year

My abuser broke down in tears (aware his game was up) and said he was ashamed of the abuse he had subjected me and the girls too, he said he could not believe he had turned into the abusive bully that his dad was and promised to get help to stop these non stop rages and blow up, he begged for forgiveness and promised he would never be so nasty again. A few days later another blow up took place and I reminded him of the previous conversation and you know what he said “I never fu*k*ng said that” “I am sorry for nothing you twisted stupid c*nt”. This was typical of many conversations, He would say something and they 100% deny saying it and you had times where you questioned what was said and were you actually imagining things. Texts and notes were what I had to resort to because I felt at times that I was going crazy.

No happy ending

There will never be a happy ending with someone who called you names and yes I am sure you have reacted with name calling to, I know I have, but this is the point, you reacted, you didn’t instigate a fight, you didn’t start at that point, you were pushed and poked until you go to the point so that your abuse could further abuse you and tell you that your behavior is bad, you are a disgrace, you are crazy because you reacted to their madness.

Life after abuse

I promise you that there is life after abuse and you will recover from what they have done, you will see joy in life again and you will look forward to life.

They will lie

Yes the person that abused you will lie, they will say that they never abused you, my ex even say’s the children are brainwashed into saying they were abused, but he knows the truth and I know he will never admit it, but I know what this “man” is and I am well on my way to recovering from his hell.


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The Journey to Escaping your Abuser

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