Loose Weight without Trying

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So today I am here to share with you a nifty little app that I have been using for just on a month now. This app tracks my activity, food intake and fluid intake and the purpose of this app was initially to ensure that I was taking in enough water each day because dehydration has a massive negative effect on our overall health and well being. Loose Weight without Trying.


The thing I didn’t expect was now that I was tracking my food intake it made me make better decisions and as a result I have lost 11lbs. Now while this is not a ground breaking amount to loose, I have only been tracking for a month and I was not really trying to loose weight.


In addition I am eating 3 meals per day, everyday including the weekends when routine can go out the window.

Drinking water has so many benefits and being hydrated has a major effect on energy and brain function. In addition drinking water helps with mid day tiredness, prevents and treats headaches but the thing that surprises many is that drinking water can help with weight loss.

The app I have been using is called YAZIO: Here us a link

I have not been paid, asked to promote, given anything to discuss this. I have been using the app and I have been impressed by how helpful it has been.


In typical day I am consuming about 1,500 calories, spread out over 3 meals with a small amount for snacks.

  • Breakfast – Weetabix with skimmed milk / Smoothies / Porridge
  • Lunch – Carrot sticks with low fat hummus/ Fresh fruit / Rice Crackers / Yogurts / Salmon / Lean meats
  • Dinner – Lean meats, vegetables, potatoes / Frittias / Curries / Homemade Soups
  • Snacks – Fruit / Low Calorie Crisps / Low Calorie Ice Pops
  • Drinks – Tea / Coffee / Water

This app has made me think more about the foods that I eat because I am tracking, It ensures that I have 2 – 3 liters of water every day and as a result I feel a lot better, I am sleeping better and as a previous chronic snorer this has also stopped, all in all this app has created a massive positive effect for me and I am excited to see the changes over the next few months.

Loose Weight without Trying

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