We Made it the the Finals of UK Blog Awards 2018

Written by ClareWithTheHair

We Made it the the Finals of UK Blog Awards 2018 

Being finalists in 2015, 2016, 2017 and now We Made it the the Finals of UK Blog Awards 2018 , we are beaming with pride here at Each year the talent improves, each year there are more blogs to compete against and each year we are blown away by the support of our readers.

Blog-awards is not just a hobby, it is my passion, I have this space on the world wide web that is mine, where I get to create content that others get to enjoy, where I get to engage with fellow bloggers and where I get to hear from out readers, it really is wonderful.



My life has been on somewhat of a roller coaster since the blog begun and has evolved in my ever changing creative shift to always represent me and the real life things we all go though.

These last 12 months have been my toughest yet, my of you know exactly what I am referring to and many others do not as I have chosen to stay silent for the last number of month, not because I simply don’t wish to share this with you, but because I needed time to process everything and re discover me, to understand what had happened and to find peace with it, I am almost there and I will share the details in all its glory very soon but for now I must remain silent.


The UK Blog Awards 2018 gave me something to focus on, light when there was a lot of dark in my world, it gave me hope and it gave me joy when really I had very little to smile about (all will be explained when I begin writing about the last 12 months)

The Awards took place last Friday evening and we were there to celebrate in style. I traveled to London on the Thursday with Caitriona and Vicky and we had the loveliest day and night prior to the awards celebrations.

We had makeup booked with the fabulous Charlotte Tilbury in Selfridges on Oxford St, Hair with John Frieda and we had transport arranged with Blacklane.

It was a wonderful day and night in London, meeting fellow bloggers, cheering and clapping for all the incredible winners and highly commended blogs and vloggs.


Clare with the hair did not win this year, but in saying this we feel like winners, there were over 4,000 entries and we made the final 8 in Fashion and Beauty, one of the largest and most competitive categories and we were in the top 8! this to me is incredible. And I have officially named as the bridesmaid of the blog awards 🙂

The Awards took place in the gorgeous The Marriott at Grosvenor Square London, this was just perfect for such a glam and glitzy night.

We were treated to delicious canapes & skinny percessco reception, followed by the awards themselves. It was such a wonderful night from start to finish.

Everyone was laughing and chatting and genuinely thrilled to see others win, it was a celebration for us all, finalists , highly commended and winners a like.

I am so proud we made it so far this year and we will work even harder next year, but for now I am on cloud nine that We Made it the the Finals of UK Blog Awards 2018 , in Fashion and Beauty.


We must say a massive thank you to you, our readers, the guys and girls who follow us on social, the people who took the time to vote and who got us to the finals, every year this means so much but this year it helped me more than you could imagine.  It has been a whirlwind 12 months and I am at last truly excited for the future and I know it is brighter than I could have believed this time 12 months ago!

I will post about our hotel, places we ate and the fashion in separate posts over the coming days.

Love always


We Made it the the Finals of UK Blog Awards 2018

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