Online Dating in your 40’s

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My first two posts What is Dating in 2020 like?  and I Will Not Date Dads gained a lot of interest. From this interest and messages received on Facebook and Instagram it is clear that I am not alone in my new found single status and I am not alone in discovering the world of dating has changed dramatically since I was last single. So today I am looking at
Online Dating in your 40’s .

So where does someone begin with online dating? I have talked to many online dating pro’s and I am told there is a lot of rubbish out there BUT also a lot of fabulous app’s, profiles and interesting individuals. I would say in order to know where to begin you need to know what it is that you want from online dating? Are you looking for random hook ups? Do you want to be wined and dined? are you looking for love? Ask yourself what is it that you want from dating and stick with this.


What dating apps are best in Ireland? This is a tough one because this really is based on the outcome that you wish to have. The most popular ones as shared with me on social over the last few days seem to be Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Badoo and Bumble.

What online dating site should I start with? Again this is depending on the outcome you want. For me I am going to begin with 2 and these are Plenty of Fish and Badoo, both of these came highly recommended by friends and ladies who I chat with daily online.

What are the do’s and dont’s of a Dating profile? I would highly recommend that you be yourself, If you like many lazy days watching Netflix then don’t make yourself out to be a non stop thrill seeking rock climbing bunging jumping never sit still babe! Just be you because being you is always your best version. When it comes to choosing images then again think about the outcome you wish for, if you want to find something serious then adding a boudoir image will probable attract more people interested in hook ups and not so much a serious relationship.

I am documenting this from my own point of view as a lady who was married, who is newly single, new to online dating and in my 40’s. Everything I suggest is based on my point of view.

So today I am setting up a profile on Badoo and Plenty of Fish – I will share later this week my initial thoughts on both of these and my suggestions.

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Online Dating in your 40’s

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