Reselling tickets for more than face value is banned!

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We have all been waiting in anticipation for your favorite group, sporting event, singer etc tickets to go on sale and before you even get onto the site the tickets are sold out, however seconds later you can go onto a 3rd party site and pay 2 and 3 and 4 times are much from a ticket tout for these tickets. Well there is hopefully good news people as Reselling tickets for more than face value is banned!

Reselling tickets for more than face value is banned!

Legislation banning the resale of tickets for large concerts and sporting events for more than face value has been agreed by the Cabinet.

Reselling-tickets-for-more-than-face-value-to be-banned!

A Department statement said the legislation will “ban the above-face-value resale of tickets for sporting and entertainment events in designated venues with a capacity of 1,000 or over”.

Reselling-tickets-for-more-than-face-value-to be-banned!

However not everyone is happy by this news

Submissions by Ticketmaster and Seatwave said the companies were unhappy with proposed changes to the law.

In its submission, Seatwave stated that it strongly believes the introduction of legislation to regulate the ticket resale market “will be both ineffective and will, in fact, be detrimental to Irish fans”.

Seatwave, which was acquired by Ticketmaster in November 2014, allows fans who missed out on sold-out gigs to purchase official tickets.

It allows fans to sell their tickets, even within minutes of purchase, and charges a 10% “success fee” on sales. It also allows customers set their own selling price.

Reselling-tickets-for-more-than-face-value-to be-banned!

Reselling tickets for more than face value to be banned!

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