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Shockwaves – Baywatch Review by Shane McNamara

Written by ClareWithTheHair

Shockwaves – Baywatch Review by Shane McNamara

With the introduction of Kevin’s corner I felt it appropriate we get some guys on board to do some reviews for you, with 6 ladies already sharing all we love and do it is high time we allowed a little bit of space for the guys. So today we introduce our 1st guy so sit back, relax and enjoy our Shockwaves – Baywatch Review by Shane McNamara.


Thanks @clarewiththehair for sending me the Shockwaves products to use and review. They have been given a Baywatch makeover that coincides with the newly released movie. If my hair looks as good as Zac Efron’s or the Rocks (😅) with the use of these products I will be quite pleased. The packaging is just as attractive as the normal shockwaves products but one can’t help but notice ‘Baywatch’ sprawled across the bottom.


The three products included are;

  1. Ultra Strong Tuff Stuff Gel
  2. Volume Mousse
  3. Ultra Strong Power Hold Hairspray

First off is the Ultra Strong Tuff Stuff Gel. I am not normally a user of Gel so this was a change from my normal style. So, I found it difficult to judge how much gel to apply. Nevertheless, less is always better to apply more can be added but not taken away. My hair proceeded to stay in place when the mold took its final shape. It would have taken some serious movement to collapse my hairstyle. Even when I did manage to do this, it fell in a still attractive style that gave me a more carefree look. Overall it doesn’t suit my style as my hair is longer than the norm.


Next up is the Volume Mousse. I had never used a mousse before so this was a new experience. My perception of Mousse would have been guys in the 70’s whipping out their combs in movies such as Grease Lightning. I liked the final look as it did in fact increase the body of my hair and gave a slick look. The Mousse is suitable for general everyday once you don’t tackle any heavy winds or jives. This unequivocally would be a great choice for a hair style slightly shorter than mine and I would recommend it.


Finally, the Ultra Strong Power Hold Hairspray. Personally, this is my favorite product of the trio. It allows you to mold your hair just how you want to, then when its dry it damn well is gonna stay there. Not only does it hold well but it also looks exceptional.


Overall I quite like these products. You just need to find the one that suits your style best!

Thanks again Clare.

Over and out,

Shane McNamara

If you like the results Shane got from these products you can purchase them at Boots – HERE

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