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The ONLY site I use for car hire is

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The ONLY site I use for car hire is

Weather you want to hire a car for one day or for a more long term situation, be it as home or abroad, there is so many things to consider, excess on the policy, fuel agreements etc it can be a mind field and one that can cost you dearly is you get this wrong. Today I want to share with you who I have used many times over the years and I have never had any problems what so ever. The ONLY site I use for car hire is Travel Supermarket – SEE DETAILS HERE

Travel Supermarket 

  • Compare a huge range of car hire deals from the leading rental companies
  • Apply filters for example by fuel policy so you know exactly what you’re paying for
  • MoneySuperMarket Group job is to save you money
  • Their is secure, free and easy to use


Travel Supermarket make car hire easy

How many horror stories have you heard about hiring a car abroad? or have you been stung yourself. Car hire abroad can be tricky and there is so much to consider, I have gone into office abroad and signed for a car only to get something I didn’t expect so for the last number of years I make the arrangements before I travel, It gives me peace of mind, usually saves me money and it is just another job done before I land at my holiday destination.


I have a run to IKEA on the cards but with delivery so expensive and my car not large enough to take home all the flat pack I have checked prices to hire a large car and a mini bus from Travel Supermarket and it is a super affordable option for the trip.

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Car Hire is not the most glam topic but it is something we all need from time to time and it can be really hard to make the right decision when their is so much to choose from, I began driving more than 20 years ago (I know I do not look old enough) and I have been hiring cars for at least 15 of those years and after a lot of mistake I was glad to find Travel Supermarket and I feel it is my duty to share this with you.



The ONLY site I use for car hire is


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