My Top Tips and Tricks to maintain a youthful complexion

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My Top Tips and Tricks to maintain a youthful complexion

I am asked all the time for My Top Tips and Tricks to maintain a youthful complexion and today I am sharing the things I feel really make a difference. I am mum to two of the most wonderful girls but they are already 23 and 15 and I find now more than ever I must take care to maintain a youthful complexion.


Am I afraid of aging?

No, I am not but I want to do it in my best way possible.


So are My Top Tips and Tricks to maintain a youthful complexion

My no1 tip for clear skin, bright eyes, plump skin is a really easy one and one that need not cost a cent and this is water, drink as much water as you can throughout the day. It stops you looking tired, it stops you picking on the bad for you snacks, it helps fight lines especially those horizontal forehead lines and it keeps your feeling more energized.


No2 is Anti Wrinkle Injecatables – I get mine done at Therapie Clinic in Limerick and they have literally turned back the clock on my crows feet (what crows feet you may ask? the ones I had prior to getting these injections) I had a really deep frown line and this has vanished, the muscles in my frown line used to cause me headaches and they have gone too, this was a really nice surprise side effect and one I am thrilled with. I get tow area’s done every 4-6 months but you might only want 1 or 3, this is a personal decision between you and the doctor, as they really do and advise best. My face is not frozen, I have movement, no one ever says “oh how good a job are those injectables” they simply say “omg I can not believe you have a 23 year old daughter”

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If it is something you always wondered about then book a no obligation consultation.


No3 is a good skincare routine, this is so important, you can’t skip this and expect a great complexion, it is morning and night every day, a good, gentle cleanser, if wearing a heavy make up then you must double cleanse, and use the best quality moisturise that you can. I am a massive fan of Elemis (See current offers HERE) for the day to day routine and Alpha H (See their current offers HERE) for the more treatment focused products, (See previous thoughts here)


No4 applies to everyone regardless of age, it is to wear a SPF a broad range 5* SPF every day, even when it is overcast, the sun will cause discoloration, it will dehydrate the skin and it will age it if you expose it, Sun protection is absolutely vital and don’t you forget it! I am a big fan of the more lightweight sprays for everyday.

No5 is Lifestyle and Stress, this has probably the most impact on how or skin looks and feels, I am all about balance, I love a glass of wine but I don’t have 5 every night, I exercise but I do not obsess about it, I love life and don’t stress the small stuff, in my opinion life is all about balance and it is not about excesses or depriving yourself, its about being good and being bad, its about making good choices and then sometimes not making them.


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My Top Tips and Tricks to maintain a youthful complexion


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