What is Dating in 2020 like?

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Last night I sat down and watched First Dates Ireland, I watch the UK version religiously and only got into the Irish version when Lorraine from Limerick was on it. It is the kind of show you watch that makes you cringe as much as laugh but last night while I watched it I began thinking about dating. What is Dating in 2020 like?


For those of you who know me, you know I am separated and it is a long time since I dated.

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But last night while watching First Dates Ireland I got to thinking about what it is I would like / not like in any future relationships.

I have some things that are non negotiable, regardless of his level of handsomeness, kindness etc there are just some things that I will not budge on.

Then I got to thinking about the things I would like from a relationship and that got me thinking. What is it that a relationship would add to my life. I feel very happy. I have recovered from my separation and what is it a relationship might bring that I don’t already have in my life.


The last time I was single it was easy, I would date men I chatted to at the shop, guys I would meet on a night out, people I worked with and so on.

But it would seem that today’s dating world is very different to the dating world that it was all those years ago.

So it got me thinking, What is Dating in 2020 like?

Do I have to go online? Do I have to ask friends to introduce me to other single friends? Do I need to be on shows like First Dates Ireland? What is it that I need to do to re enter the dating world?

Over the next few weeks and months I am going to begin dating again and I am going to share the process with you, the fun parts, the scary parts and all in between. This will be an open diary of my new dating life in the hope that it helps others like me who were married who never imagined they would be dating again and those who find dating a midfield.

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I will always protect the identity of those I go on a date with but I will share a frank and honest account of each date with you.

Check back for weekly updates.

I will show you how I meet men.

The type of dates I go on.

How to find a gem in the rough (fingers crossed)

I would love all of your hints and tips as I navigate this new world of dating.

What is Dating in 2020 like?

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