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Why you need to be using Bohemian Chic Minerals

Written by ClareWithTheHair

This is why you need to be using Bohemian Chic Minerals

Bohemian Chic Minerals is a makeup brand you may not of heard of before but it’s one you definitely need to try. Bohemian Chic Minerals is handcrafted vegan mineral makeup perfected to suit the needs of all your individual skin types and complexions. I have used four of their products; The Mineral Bronzer in the shade ‘Just Blond’, The Mineral Veil in the shade ‘Glamourous Goddess’, The Mineral Blush in the shade ‘Temptation’ and the Mineral Highlighter in the shade ‘Razzmic Berry’.

These products are great because you can use them with any makeup look you decide to do, whether it’s something very glam and over the top or something natural and pretty these work great. So here is a little review of each of these product.


  1. The Mineral Bronzer – Bohemian chic currently have two different Bronzer shades, the one I have is ‘Just Blond’ and it is the perfect shade for fair to medium skin. This bronzer is a stunning warm golden colour with a slight shimmer in it. You could use it as a bronzer or even an eyeshadow because it is so pigmented. The other really lovely thing about this product, and in fact all of the Bohemian Chic Mineral products I’ve used, is that it’s super fine so it blends incredibly well. When I used it it gave me a beautiful glow and felt so lightweight. You can buy the Bronzer HERE, it is currently on sale so it’s £11.90


  1. The Mineral Veil – I love a good mineral veil and this one was great. Just like to bronzer it was super bendable and lightweight and just made my skin look really smooth and natural. You can get it HERE for £9.35


  1. The Mineral Blush – Bohemian Chic have a wide range of blushers that all look beautiful, but the one I’ve used is ‘Temptation’ it’s a very pretty matt pick shade and it is so pigmented but also so easy  to blend so it looks really natural but you can also build it up or use it as eyeshadow. I don’t usually wear blush because my skin can be quite pink already but this gave a really lovely natural glow rather than giving my bright rosy cheeks that must blushes give me. This blush is currently on sale, its £ 12.75 and you can buy it HERE.


  1. The Mineral Highlight – I love wearing highlight, I have used so many different highlights throughout so many different brands and this one was honestly one of my favorites! Not only is it super blendable and smooth like all of the bohemian chic products I have, It’s a really unique colour that I have not used before. The highlight I have is called ‘Razzmic Berry’, it kind of looks like a crushed pearl with a slight purple tingh. My favorite thing about it is that it doesn’t look powdery on your face, it just blends into the skin flawlessly. It is currently sold out, but when it does come back into stock you can get it HERE.


If you want to see the rest of the products from this beautiful brand then go to I hope this post was helpful and I hope ye try these and love these products as much as I do, Happy shopping! 🙂

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